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Artist: aryanne

Other Names SillyAryanne, AryanneHoofler, BBTCAT
Active true


Aryanne is the most adorable nazi war criminal ever! Her disarmingly cute design and fiendishly black humor make her one of the select few OCs with a broad following and numerous artists depicting her. Originally conceived as a gag character, Aryanne has since found favor in various places throughout the horse world, even being voted the official mascot of 8chan's /pone/ to the chagrin of the board's admin. Should we have a fourth poll?

Her original creator, who goes by a different handle on every site and has been known to fellow drawfags as Randy, has since fleshed her out a bit making her more of a character than a one-liner. Aryanne has made friends with Kyrie, a similarly-colored pegasus with a red bow and an iron cross cutie mark who was created by a different Anonymous, and Veronika the Soviet workers' pony (yet another Anon's creation) who has a hammer and sickle cutie mark and has been known to play intense board games with Aryanne. A unicorn named Fraziska who was based on Josef Mengele and crazy nazi scientists in general has since joined the reich. Another aspect of Aryanne that has since been developed, and is frequently depicted, is a fondness for bondage and leather.

Catfood McFly has started an ask blog called, predictably enough, "Ask Aryanne." In it, our heroine spreads the word of National Socialism (Not Socialism) while gassing untermenschen and punishing degenerates.

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