News - Aug 14, 2017 (1 year ago)

We are experiencing an issue with the uploading system

When you upload, you may get a "File Not Found" Error. We are currently contacting our web admin in order to fix the issue, but until then, we have a work-around that has proven to work for the time being. If you wish to upload, please save the image to your computer, then add it to the upload screen through the "Browse" button. We hope that works for now and will make a notification when the issue is fixed.
~Princess Luna

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JSimesenMac said:
Hello. How aré you. blip

Hello again, I got caught up working on the election and ran myself ragged, fell so far behind on everything too. Haven't even seen any of the last season yet! >_<

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Well, welcome back :D

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@Radiant☀Meadows @Zanator

thanks for asking.