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~Princess Luna

Post in forum #1905 - An ongoing MLP Roleplay Thread, Rated PG-13.

After the third cup of the tea Flambé kept urging on her, Fleur realized she had stopped shivering. Shrugging off the blanket draped around her, she put her hoof over her cup before Flambé could top it up again. “He’s gone.” she said.

One those terrible words were out, the rest emerged in an unstoppable flood. Though she managed to divert its path around certain subjects. Flambé listened with growing agitation until it clearly took all his effort not to interrupt. He managed it. Fleur eventually wound down. “And then he was gone. No flash, no sound. No warning at all. I even looked behind the desk despite knowing he’s too big to hide back there.” She sniffed and it turned into a hiccup. “The next thing I knew I was in here having hysterics all over you.”

Flambé looked around the kitchen. “Think we should run?”

“No.” Fleur said.

“I actually agree. It would look guilty.”

“Guilty? Luna stole Smog out of his office! The Imperial Mint doesn’t have security that good! I was in there too. Luna must have heard everything we said. She knows we’re guilty. I am, anyway.”

“I’m worried about Smog’s employees. You were there when Smog vanished. If you and your brother are then seen trying to flee the city, they will wonder why, and want to ask us.”

“They might want to do that anyway.”

“I know.” Sinking onto a stool, Flambé poured himself some tea. He drained it in one long pull. Fleur rolled her tongue and realized he had spiked the tea he gave her. A weak flutter of outrage bloomed and died. Her brother looked tired and afraid and she suddenly knew how he would look when he was old. Heaving a sigh, he made as if to hurl the cup before gently setting it down. “At least if we don’t seem guilty, they’ll ask politely the first time. Those are the rules. Tell them the truth, sister. It doesn’t incriminate you.”

Fleur picked up her teacup and set it back down, though she had no idea why. “Shouldn’t we tell somepony? Not just wait?”

“Who? Doctor Blue Shield? All our contacts are low-level. If we use them, word will spread up the chain, but down it too and sideways as well. I don’t think telling the whole city he’s gone is a very smart idea.”

“I didn’t tell you everything. Smog has changed. He-”

Flambé raised a hoof to stop her from continuing. “Are you supposed to be telling me this?”

“It doesn’t matter anymore-”

“Are you sure of that?”

“Well, no.”

“You can’t un-tell me. Wait until you’re sure.”


His eyes lifted to hers. “Fleur. Is it important enough to risk me being killed for knowing too much? Or worse. I’m attached to my skin. I want it to stay attached to me.”

Grinding her teeth, she yanked the teapot toward her and filled her cup. “Fine. Low blow, brother.”

“Of course.” He held his cup out and she filled it too. “If Luna really has snatched Smog…I hope she’s ready to deal with what comes next. For everypony’s sake.”

Fleur lifted her cup. Flambé tapped his against it in a somber mockery of the usual tradition of glass-chiming. They drank.