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4 years ago
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Worst Pony

In category: Official Discussion

This thread started with Gray, RandomPony, and myself commenting on a post #54218, and quickly sparked semi-related discussion:

Gray said:
...''Stupid, jerk, assholes''; all those said by a narcissist A-hole (whom RD is)

Of course defending weaker when needed is noble, so hats off to RD for doing that, but she still is the worst pony.

Werewolf said:
I think Dash has matured a lot since Season 1. She's still egotistical, but not nearly as bad as she used to be, and she takes responsibility these days. Still my least-favorite of the Mane Six, but I actually like her, and she's nowhere near Worst Pony (especially when the Flim Flam Brothers continue to exist).

RandomPony said:
You forgot Diamond Tiara. At least the Film Flam Brothers have a reason to be assholes (albeit a terrible one) but DT does it because she's a spoiled little bitch who needs to be slapped. (like a lot of other RL people I know) So I think she deserves lowest with the brothers right above her unless you like those kinds of people, or you have a different reason you don't like them.

I give Tiara a pass here only because she's a foal. We don't know what her life is like, or what sort of role models she has. Bratty children can grow into useful adults, though I agree she needs a lot more discipline than she evidently gets.

The Flim-Flams get my vote because they are willfully malevolent. They prey on the sick and the desperate, and actively and gleefully lie to enrich themselves. They are not content with a small, legitimate gain; they seek to deliberately harm their victims in order to claim the whole pot. Finally, they show not the slightest hint of remorse.

Prince Blueblood and Suri Polomare also get (dis)honorable mentions.