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Post in forum #2536 - The Seven Deadly Ponies

I agree with most of these but I think three of them could be switched around. The way I see it, Spike would have to be greed. After all, what's the one defining trait of the entire dragon race? They’re greedy bastards. While it's true that Spike has been integrated into pony society and raised with an equestrian set of morals and values, he's still a dragon none the less. Greed is in his blood and he has to struggle against it every now and then as seen in "Secret of My Excess" and "Just for Sidekicks".

If greed is taken, then Rarity has to represent something else. Honestly, I don't think it makes sense to associate greed with the Element of Generosity to begin with. It would make more sense for her to be envy. Think about it, she lives in the small, backwater town of Ponyville yet she's constantly fawning over the ponies of Canterlot. She longs for the high society life despite the surroundings she grew up in. She views the citizens of Canterlot as being somehow better then herself despite being snobbish, empty shells of what ponies should be. This is envy incarnate. Also, there are three Rarity episodes centered on greed while none of the other characters have any. Namely, "Green Isn't Your Color", Sweet and Elite, and "Simple Ways".

If Spike is greed and Rarity is envy, who's sloth? That would be none other than Rainbow Dash. Granted, she wants to be a Wonderbolt and seems to have a constant need to move, both of which are active and ambitious things. However, when you consider how she behaves on a daily basis, she's very rarely seen actually doing work. Take her job for example, Ponyville's weather manager. We found out in the pilot episode that she can clear the entire sky of clouds in ten seconds flat. So what does she do for the rest of her time? Absolutely nothing, that's what. Rainbow Dash is definitely lazy.

Besides that, I wholeheartedly agree with the rest of them.