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Little things that make you happy Started by Neon_Dreaming, May 30 2017 04:40 PM

In category: Role Play and Fanfiction


What are the little things that make you happy or put you in a better mood, maybe it's a relaxing drink, an episode of your favourite show, meeting up with a friend, or a good workout. Whatever it is feel free to share it.

For me I always like a mug of tea, it's a comforting drink, holding the hot mug on a cold day is nice too. Sometimes listening to music is good too, blaring Metallica and Iron Maiden can bring me out of a funk for a little while.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
<a href="">Video Explainer</a> Examples

Chatting with friends, reconnecting with old friends, ERP XD
When it comes to music, mostly classical and game music.
What other stuff do you like? :P