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Post in forum #308 - Roleplay: Open RP - (Rating:PG)

Perfect Balance sighed softly, and closed his eyes. This is it, he thought, and he slowly reopened them to reveal that they were his angry red color. "Look into my eyes," he commanded, in his typical stoic voice.

"I used to be a freak, too," he began. "Ever since my school days, I've been too smart for my own good--and everypony always called me a shut-in, a nerd, an alien, even! I was lonely and heartbroken then, just like you are now.

"Then one fateful day, something in my mind changed for the better--like the perfect sense in my mind had come out into the world around me. That day at school, I saw two kids getting bullied by an older pony, and my mind couldn't take it--I sprang into action and delivered due justice right then and there. I scolded and attacked that older pony so badly, I never saw them around me or those guys again.

"Of course, this made me even more of a freak to those around me...but for once in my life, I didn't care. The kids getting bullied turned out to be quite the freaks as well, and they instantly became my friends after what I did for them. Not only that, the events had earned me my cutie mark--and I was the first in my class to have done that."

Perfect Balance slowly closed his eyes once more. "That is the tale of the beginnings of the Crazy Horse Gang. Nopony else in the world knows about this except for the other members and myself. The point of this it that freaks like us have to stay together--for if we are apart, we have no one else." Perfect Balance opened his eyes, revealing them to be their normal acidic green.