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Post in forum #2574 - New Episode Discussion

is it just me or are they using the "break down" of a char way to much? i mean each char has broken down around.... 3 times now. (twilight 4 times)

it's being used way to much... I mean is their a way they can make a show without poking fun at one ponies weakness?

i would like to start seeing just a simple "i know myself" show. more on each working together on what they know they can do, more then "OMG!!! I CAN DO SO, AND SO BUT NOT THAT GOOD!!!!" /me curl up into the fetal position

also what PsychoShy said, they are making Celestia look more and more like a useless Tyrant. she never dose anything, forces others to do her work, and always comes off as a "i don't care" attitude. truthfully, it makes her seem like a puppet master (less then discord but still their)

lastly i wish to add twilight mainly, but the others 6 come off as being top dog, merry sue, better then everyone ponies. the one time they came off at not being the best was Fall Weather Friends in the race (also before the race they did a Iron Pony competition would like to see that again, but with more then the main 6 in it)