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6 years ago
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Re: mental breakdowns
I think it's been interesting to see each of the Mane Six go nuts, as it has revealed new facets of their personalities. I don't think it's been overdone, either:

>Twilight has cracked twice (once in a minor way, at the end of Swarm of the Century, and once seriously, during Lesson Zero). Both times showed that she has an almost obsessive need for organization and control, and that she takes far too much responsibility onto herself.

>Pinkie has only cracked once, during Part of One, and it was one of the saddest and scariest things I've ever seen.

>Applejack cracked once, during Applebuck Season. Actually, I would argue that this wasn't a true descent into madness as was the case with Twi and Pinkie. Applejack was just very stubborn and sleep-deprived.

>Rarity had a minor breakdown in Winter Wrap Up, and again in Suited for Success, but neither had all that much impact IMO.

>Rainbow Dash cracked bad during Sonic Rainboom, but I found it fascinating because it showed the insecure, stage-fright-ridden side of our favorite brash glory-hound.

>Fluttershy, by my count, has cracked exactly once: during Best Night Ever. I don't consider Dragonshy or Stare Master to be mental breakdowns, because in both cases Fluttershy was in complete control of herself; she was just really mad/motivated. Best Night Ever showed her failing at her primary objective in life: befriending animals. Interesting that she reacted, not with despair, but with fury.

Anyway, I hope we see fewer mental breakdowns during Season 2, but I certainly don't think it's been overused yet.

Re: Sun Tyrant Celestia
Some people have decided that Celestia, despite being one of the most reasonable and approachable rulers in fiction, is a dread tyrant and cruel oppressor of her innocent little sister. These people will not be swayed by mere facts. I recommend ignoring them.

Re: brony pandering
I can't say, based on three episodes, that I see any dramatic evidence of this. If it happens, I shan't the first place am older by a couple of decades that the official target demographic; and in the other, the writers have earned my trust. believe they will continue to produce a good, quality show for a least another season, and making it more complex and mature can only improve it. I will add that the shout-out to bronies in the Equestria Girls ad was simply amazing.