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Post in forum #2574 - New Episode Discussion
7 years ago
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PsychoShy said:
Holy hay, it's Wednesday and we still don't have any discussion?! I MUST FIX THIS.
New topic for discussion: The Cutie Pox.

Debate time! I'm here, you're here . . . where are Slops and Sungazer?

Most importantly, though, is the glorious lesson that tumbled out of Apple Bloom's mouth for a note to the princess--whether she knows it or not, she's learning. That cutie mark may be sooner in her future than she thinks.

I personally would love to see at least some of the CMC get their cutie marks before the end of the series. I'm not tremendously optimistic that this will happen, but it would be cool.

Of course, I'm not saying I enjoyed everything about this new episode. I am becoming more frustrated than ever with Apple Jack's element--with the Element of Honesty, she refuses to speak to the Seeds of Truth even when it's in her sister's best interest? It's the most frustrating that she wouldn't even bother to try.

Agreed. I think it was implied that it was Applebloom who had to speak the truth (confess) in order to make the seeds grow, but that could have been made clearer. Also, this was yet another chance for Applejack to be awesome . . . missed. What the buck.

Also, I understand Zecora is supposed to play a minor role in this episode, but to not see any real development for them is a little disappointing. All her actions have been primal thus far--of course you're going to be confused when everyone runs from you by instinct, of course you're going to be mad when somepony steals your things.

I like the fact that Zecora has become a reoccurring character instead of a once-off walking moral. I also like her reaction when she walked into a suddenly-deserted Ponyville . . . it rang true, and it established some continuity with previous episodes.

> "Who wants a picture of a hammer on their flank, anyway?"
> Gets a cutie mark for carpentry from Cutie Pox
Am I the only one tasting some bitter irony in the air?

Yeah, and there was the fact that many of the cutie marks Applebloom acquired referenced things the CMC had tried to do earlier in the series. Hang gliding? Check. Chimney sweep? Check. Lion taming? Check.

Funny/Bizarre Moment:

  • Twilight gets Rarity's hairstyle. Suddenly, Spike! I laughed.
  • So . . . there's a version of France in Equestria.