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Post in forum #2574 - New Episode Discussion
6 years ago
apple applejack bat_wings blonde_hair earth_pony equine fang female filly foal generation_4 green_eyes high_res messy_hair norang94 orange_body pony sitting solo transparent_background vampire wings young rating:Safe score:1 user:Werewolf

New episode! New discussion! Spoilers!

Man, Ponyville has gone high-tech since I was there last. Used to be they just had a horse-drawn locomotive; now, suddenly, cameras and construction cranes and freaking skyscrapers!

Mare Do Well looks freaking awesome. Like a 1940s pulp masked avenger. I'm digging the hat.

More bearded/mustachioed ponies. I wonder if the animators are trying to make a point that, yes, there ARE males in Ponyville?

Pinkie sense callback!

We have canon confirmation that Applejack is stronger than Rainbow Dash, at least in some instances. RD even says it.

Twilight looks awesome in the Mare Do Well outfit. It fits her color scheme perfectly.

Man, Ponyville would have been a bloodbath if six ponies hadn't suddenly decided to go into the superhero business. I saw at least . . . *counts on fingers* . . . eleven ponies would would have been dead or seriously injured but for RD/Mare Do Well.

Wait; wasn't this the same moral as Boast Busters?