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Post in forum #2574 - New Episode Discussion

Werewolf said:
New episode! New discussion! Spoilers!

You know, it occurs to me just how quiet these "discussions" can be. We get, like, what, two posts per episode?

Man, Ponyville has gone high-tech since I was there last. Used to be they just had a horse-drawn locomotive; now, suddenly, cameras and construction cranes and freaking skyscrapers!

I noted that as well. It's still the strangest thing that they don't have phones--although, perhaps it's still impossible, given that crane was made out of wood and not metal.

Mare Do Well looks freaking awesome. Like a 1940s pulp masked avenger. I'm digging the hat.

I really liked their classic masked hero appearance, too. To me, they resembled some strange mix of Batman and Carmen San Diego...of course, I'm a little out there.

Pinkie sense callback!

Not only was that a good excuse for Mare-Do-Well's powers; it makes me happy that the devs aren't forgetting about their old ideas. More proof of that at every turn, it seems.

Wait; wasn't this the same moral as Boast Busters?

Kind-of-sort-of. That was "It's alright to do good things as long as you aren't a braggart about them," this one shows why you shouldn't be a braggart.
As a matter of fact, my brother actually thought Mare-Do-Well was a learned-her-lesson Trixie trying to make up for the bad she'd done. While he was, of course, wrong, it was an interesting possibility I hadn't considered.