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Post in forum #2574 - New Episode Discussion
6 years ago
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PsychoShy said:
Erm, whatever you're talking about has flown over me, Werewolf, but moving right along!

But I can explain . . .

I find it a little strange that this caste system isn't nearly so notable in, say, Ponyville.

Ponyville has a very country/small town vibe to me, whereas Canterlot is clearly intended to be a big, important city. Also, Ponyville was founded by earth ponies, who seem to be more pragmatic than the other breeds . . . anypony want to bet Canterlot was founded by unicorns?

I also note that whenever Rarity gets a number, it feels like more of a music video rather than a musical number that goes with the show. The time lapses, the effects, it really has a stark contrast to the numbers that play while everypony else is, y'know, doing things (e.g., Winter Wrap-Up, May the Best Pet Win).

I hadn't noticed that before, but you're right. Interesting.

Cameos, cameos everywhere! I really think we've hit home that we want "Derpy" to be our silly character, but that's not all--during the musical number, Photo Finish also appears briefly.

Also Prince Blueblood (as Icecolt noted). Also Hoity Toity, Sapphire Shores and . . . Lyra?

Man, we need more people like Fancy Pants in modern society. <snip> he's got a spot alongside Trixie and Zecora as one of my favorite minor characters. True shame that gold-digger of a wife he's got is getting more art than him.

I agree regarding Fancy Pants. MLP seems to be doing a good job of avoiding stereotypes and showing that good people can be anywhere. Rarity herself being the classic example; in any other show the prissy glamour-girl would have driven me crazy. But Rarity is a lady in the truest sense of the word.

And I don't have any issues with Fleur. We know nothing at all about her. She might even be mute.

Icecolt said:
I seem to have noticed that I have to get used to the songs in season 2, as I don't really like them the first time I hear them, but they seem to get better after a few times.

I felt that way about the "Find a Pet Song" in S2E7 . . . took me a few listens to really start liking it. I have to say, though, I loved "The Pony Everypony Should Know" the first time I heard it.