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Post in forum #2574 - New Episode Discussion

1. This episode seemed a lot more mature (pun not intended) than most of the others. I actually didn't expect the "romance" to be more than it was, considering it's a kid's show (not saying that you can't do that in a kid's show, it's just rare). I'm getting the feeling this was directed to the older demographic, which makes it pretty unique.

2. I didn't really understand why Spike turned small again, or why he gets bigger at such a quick rate. So the greedier or bigger a dragons hoard gets, the more he grows? And dragons seem to lose some intelligence, when they are full-grown?

3. Cheerilee buys white fedoras, which confirms my theory that she is a smooth criminal.

4. Cakes will now be classified as WMDs (Weapons of Mass Deliciousness)in the near future.

5. Derpy / Ditzy was waiting in a well for no other reason, than to jumpscare Lyra and Bon Bon