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Post in forum #2574 - New Episode Discussion
6 years ago
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Icecolt said:
2. I didn't really understand why Spike turned small again, or why he gets bigger at such a quick rate.

What's the opposite of greed? Generosity. Rarity made Spike remember his own generosity, and how good it felt to give up something he greatly valued to make somepony else happy.

Remember, this is a world where emotional concepts like friendship can be literally weaponized.

So the greedier or bigger a dragons hoard gets, the more he grows? And dragons seem to lose some intelligence, when they are full-grown?

According to Zecora, the more he practices greed, the bigger he grows. I don't think the actual size or value of the hoard has anything to do with it (apple leaves? Really?), just the fact of the dragon taking stuff. And, yes, Spikezilla did seem to grow less intelligent and more feral - or at least, less able to communicate - as he grew.

Hmm. The red dragon in Dragonshy was able to speak. Maybe this was because Spike's growth spurt was unnatural?

3. Cheerilee buys white fedoras, which confirms my theory that she is a smooth criminal.

I can get behind this theory.

5. Derpy / Ditzy was waiting in a well for no other reason, than to jumpscare Lyra and Bon Bon

Also, Lyra and Bon-Bon! Together! Leaning towards each other . . . wait, are the animators doing the shipping for us now?

Also, I just want to reiterate my favorite scene in this episode, the one where Spike and Rarity are falling to the doom:

Spike: "I've always sort of had a crush -"
Rarity: *stops him, gives him a teary-eyed smile*

IMO, that's amazing. I had always assumed that Spike's crush was an open secret, and that Rarity tolerated it in a best-friend's-little-brother kind of way. This scene implies that she actually returns Spike's affection on some level. Instead of ignoring it or trivializing it, she's effectively saying "Yes, Spike. I know, and I care for you, too."

This show is awesome.