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Thank you for coming.

It's been a long time coming now, but it's time for Twenty Percent Cooler to close down. We've had a good run and had a great time in our heyday, but the sun has set on our little website and now it's time to go. You have about a week to record, save, and archive what you would like before everything goes dark, so please make the best of this time.

Thank you for all the memories and contributions to our community in these last 8 years. We had a great time.

~ Sincerely, Princess Luna
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Community Projects in the works.

In category: Community Projects

This board is exclusive to the projects that are currently being worked on, or are planned, this board will be locked but the lists will be also posted on the projects board, and updated on this board {So that people can easily see whos on what without search}

Notice: Artist OC's may be added freely to the picture IF they desire, and do not take up a commission slot!

Project: Disco's Dead Jim.
Description: A great big party, hosted in the style of the dead but beloved Disco! Boogie fever!

Slot 1: Rapid
Slot 2: TerraFirma
Slot 3: Limelight
Slot 4: StarCrosser
Slot 5: Ryan Speedhooves
Slot 6: Nether
Slot 7: Velvet Star
Slot 8:
Slot 9:

Artist Slot: Surprise
Artist: Willdrawforfood1

At the gala
Description: Someone scored tickets to the gala! and they invited a handful of ponies who wanted to come! Dresses and fancy galore!

Slot 1: TerraFirma

Slot 2: StarCrosser

Slot 3: Limelight

Slot 4: Ryan Speedhooves

Slot 5: Nether

Slot 6: Pick

Slot 7: CetaPhile

Slot 8: Velvet Star

Slot 9: TradeWind

Artist: Wrek (from bronystate) / Johntb

Saint Patrick's day.

I know it's still a long time till saint packies, but I wanted to make a community project of my own, and as rookie, will need a longer time to work on it then more experienced artists.

Discription: A group of ponies celebrating saint patricks day in all it's glory, with multiple tradition worked into the piece.

Slot 1: Nether
Slot 2: Spades
Slot 3:
Slot 4: TerraFirma
Slot 5: Pick
Slot 6: Ohnine
Slot 7: Ryan Speedhooves
Slot 8: Ceta
Slot 9: Rapid
Slot 10:
Slot 11: LimeLight

Foalout Equestria
A postapocalpytic themed picture, retro-50's futuristic after the nuclear war, much akin to fallout.

Slot 1: Pick
Slot 2: TerraFirma in FoT Advanced Power Armor sans the helmet
Slot 3: Nether
Slot 4: Lucy as a Ghoul
Slot 5: OhNine as a NCR Veteran Ranger
Slot 6: Limelight
Slot 7: Spades
Slot 8: flare
Slot 9: Silver Rush
Slot 10: Mahna in a rob-co jumpsuit

Steampunk ponies
A series of ten ponies in Steam-punk style.

Slot 1 Sixtoh
Slot 2 TerraFirma
Slot 3 Paramedic
Slot 4 Ponder
Slot 5 Nether
Slot 6 Inquiry
Slot 7 StarCrosser
Slot 8 Tradewind
Slot 9 Drake
Slot 10 SleepySkies
Slot 11 Thundersong

Artist: Sallymon

At the Cinema
A Picture of some relatively laid back ponies, chillin out and watchin a movie at the theater. Anyone caught preforming the "Popcorn surprise" gag will be castrated.

Slot 1: Florid
Slot 2: Adalinda
Slot 3: Paramedic
Slot 4: Pick
Slot 5: Shade Craft

Slot 6: Eventide
Slot 7: Snapshot dressed as an Usher
Slot 8: BlackMagic
Slot 9: Rapid sticking out of a bucket of popcorn


Another themed picture in the spirit of good ol' Tron!

Slot 1: Eventide
Slot 2: Figurine
Slot 3: Nether
Slot 4: OhNine
Slot 5: Shadowspark
Slot 6: Snapshot
Slot 7: AuraFluff


Appleoosa 2.0
A small influx of settlers to help Appleoosa grow!

Slot 1: Captain Courage as a old western sheriff.
Slot 2: Adalinda "Wealthy settler
Slot 3: Pick town drunk
Slot 4: Darkmoon Train conductor.
Slot 5: Paladonious
Slot 6: Silver Rush as a miner

Artist: kabaka

" Be a good sport "

SCENARIO: Its time to take a breath of fresh air, go outside and play your favorite sport

Slot 1: captain courage SPORT: Football

Slot 2: Honor Bright SPORT: Football

Slot 3: Pick SPORT: Hockey

Slot 4: Tradewind SPROT: Rugby

Slot 5: Ohnine SPORT: Swimming

Slot 6: Aurora SPORT: Badminton

Slot 7: Rain Twister Sport: Soccor

Slot 8: Quartz poker playing Hackysack

" Katapony Damacy "

SCENARIO: somepony has lost their mind and decided to dress as the prince and now they are rolling everyone into a ball


Slot 1:TerraFirma


Slot 2: Sleepy Skies

Slot 3: Corey Pensworth

Slot 4: Snapshot

Slot 5: Cocoabean

Slot 6: Ohnine

Slot 7: Rain Twister

Slot 8: Swift Glide

Slot 9: AuraFluff