News - Jan 16, 2019 (2 months ago)

Thank you for coming.

It's been a long time coming now, but it's time for Twenty Percent Cooler to close down. We've had a good run and had a great time in our heyday, but the sun has set on our little website and now it's time to go. You have about a week to record, save, and archive what you would like before everything goes dark, so please make the best of this time.

Thank you for all the memories and contributions to our community in these last 8 years. We had a great time.

~ Sincerely, Princess Luna
Lead Administrator for


Pony-Trekkin, across the universe!

A single group shot of ponies dressed up in the uniforms of crews of the ships of Star Trek. {Must chose a Uniform from "Star Trek" "Enterprise" "TNG" "Voyager" "DS9" "The wrath of Khan" "The Motion Picture" or "Alternate Universe earth" as well as giving a rank.

Slot 1: Sleepy Skies
Slot 2: TerraFirma as a captain in the Star Trek Enterprise Uniform
Slot 3: Pick as an Ensign "Blueshirt from the original series"
Slot 4: Snapshot as a Voyager Borg Drone
Slot 5: Rapid as an Ensign Redshirt from DS9
Slot 6: Captain Courage As the Emergency medical Hologram from Voyager


Now your thinking with ponies

ponies using portal guns to solve puzzles for monsters

Slot 1: OhNine

Slot 2: Snapshot

Slot 3: Merino Caught in an endless loop portal.

Slot 4: Sleepy Skies

Slot 5: Eventide

Slot 6:Inquiry


I need Serenity

Seems the Serenity has gotten a few fuzzy new stow-aways, and captain Mal ain't too happy about it.

Slot 1: TerraFirma Dressed as Mal
Slot 2: Rosecloud
Slot 3: Tradewind
Slot 4: Snapshot
Slot 5: Inquiry
Slot 6: Shadow Forge
Slot 7: CocoaBean
Slot 8: Autumn Colors


Swatkats meets My Little Pony, is their anything more to be said? (Slots 1-4 will be jet pilots, slots 4-8 will be mechanics}

Slot 1: TerraFirma - (Pilot)
Slot 2: StarCrosser - (WCO)
Slot 3: Snapshot - (WCO)
Slot 4: Sleepy Skies - (Pilot)
Slot 5: HeartStrike (Maintenance)
Slot 6: Nether - (Maintenance)
Slot 7: Inquiry - (Scientist)

Ghost in the Pony

A romp in the land of the Dystopian Cyberpunk, with the major and tachkomas

Slot 1: TerraFirma
Slot 2: AuraFluff
Slot 3: Captain Courage
Slot 4: Snapshot
Slot 5: WhiteCharm the one on the left
Slot 6: Nether
Slot 7: StarCrosser
Slot 8: Inquiry

Slasher Sunday

The spooky, the cooky, and the blood thirsty have crossed into the realm of the ponies, their will be insanity! Ponies dressed as famous serial killers and movie monsters.

Slot 1: TerraFirma as Jason
Slot 2: as Freddy Kreuger
Slot 3: Lucy as Chucky
Slot 4: Inquiry
Slot 5: Frolic as leatherface
Slot 6: Ohnine

Ponies at the bar

Drunk and distroden, ponies who've hit rock bottom, or just want to take a night off from a hard days work.

Slot 1:
Slot 2: TerraFirma
Slot 3: Flare
Slot 4: Rapid
Slot 5: AuraFluff
Slot 6: Captain Courage
Slot 7: Snapshot
Slot 8: Nether

Canon apperance: Berry Punch

Pony Luau
Tiki torches everywhere

Slot 1: Pick
Slot 2: MegaTon
Slot 3: Shansai
Slot 4: Paramedic
Slot 5: WhiteCharm The one on the Left.
Slot 6: Kitters
Slot 7: Tradewind
Slot 8: OhNine

This is actually a V1 project that seems to have been forgotten about.

Rock The House

Scenario: A small concert. with oc's playing instruments and some in the crowd

Number Of Ponies: 13

NOTE: This is for newcomers, if your oc has been in the other community projects, that oc WILL NOT be allowed to participate in this one, if you have a second oc then that is fine...i guess >_>

NOTE: there are 5 positions: crowd, guitar, bass, singer,and drummer, you must choose one that has not been taken, only "crowd" can be used multiple times, if someone has already chosen guitar, bass, singer, or drummer, then you cannot choose that option


Slot 1: Adalinda

Slot 2: Eventide POSITION: Bass

Slot 3: Lucy POSITION: Drummer

Slot 4: Quarter Note CUTIE MARK: Guitar Tabs


Slot 5: Lunae

Slot 6: Garasu

Slot 7: Soulwaker

Slot 8: Corey

Slot 9: Hira

Slot 10: Honor Bright

Artist Slot (only applies if they have an oc and chooses to put it in the picture):

Artist: Pending

Status: Pending

Seapony Sorrow

No one loves the seaponies, so why not have a shot for those who do!

Slot 1: WhiteCharm {on the left} as an Seapony
Slot 2: TerraFirma As a Seapony
Slot 3: Sleepy Skies as a Seapony
Slot 4: StarCrosser as a Seapony
Slot 5: Kitters as a Seapony
Slot 6: OhNine as a seapony
Slot 7: Cloudweaver
Slot 8:
Slot 9:

Summon the Zords!

ITS MORPHIN TIME! Go go pony rangers!

Slot 1: Adalinda {Red Ranger}
Slot 2: Pick (Pink Ranger)
Slot 3: ParaMedic (Yellow Ranger)
Slot 4: StarCrosser as the (Blue Ranger)
Slot 5: OhNine as the (Black ranger)
Slot 6: Nittany (Green Ranger)
Artist Slot: Princess Luna (white ranger)

Artist: Sallymon

Bite my Shiny Metal Ass.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! A wormhole has opened up and deposited these strange brightly colored pony like creature into planet express! Now we have a great mission of diplomacy!

Slot 1: TerraFirma
Slot 2: Nether
Slot 3: AuraFluff Dressed as the Professor.
Slot 4: Tradewind
Slot 5: Shansai
Slot 6: OhNine
Slot 7:

Bonus Slot Bender

Through the wormhole

Another ponies in space theme, only this one in the theme of Farscape.

Slot 1: TerraFirma at a stand off with John
Slot 2:
Slot 3: Merino in a headlock with Aeryn
Slot 4: CocoaBean
Slot 5: Autumn Colors
Slot 6:
Slot 7:

Cowpony Bebop

See you next time, space cowpony

Slot 1: Figurine
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4: AuraFluff
Slot 5: Snapshot
Slot 6: Black Magic the one on the right.
Slot 7: Eventide
Slot 8: Limelight

Outlaw pony

Everypony is dressed like characters from Outlaw Star

Slot 1: TerraFirma Dressed as Aisha Clanclan
Slot 2: StarCrosser Dressed as Melfina
Slot 3: Inquiry dressed as Jim Hawking
Slot 4: HeartStrike as Suzuka
Slot 5: Nether as Gene Starwind

I'm the batman

the dark pony watches over the lands of equestria, a meeting with teh police of gotham city. And a Handover of defeated villains.

Slot 1: OhNine
Slot 2: TerraFirma
Slot 3: Nether
Slot 4: Aurora
Slot 5: Frolic
Slot 6: CocoaBean
Slot 7: Autumn Colors
Villain: Ceta

Bonus slot: Scootaloo as the Batmare.