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New Rule Effective Oct. 17

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I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse

A picture based on the old dons, and the prohibition, ponies in fedoras and zoot suits for all! and maybe a shoot out with the fuz.

Slot 1: Nether
Slot 2: TerraFirma
Slot 3: Ohnine
Slot 4: Florid
Slot 5: Pick
Slot 6: AuraFluff
Slot 7: Tradewind
Slot 8: Lucy as a goon.
Slot 9: Sleepy Skies
Slot 10: Ceta
Slot 11: HeartStrike
Slot 12: Spades
Slot 13: Brando
Slot 14: Bouch

Anime Ponies

SCENERIO: ponies in anime style

Slot 1: Dream Weaver

Slot 2: Snapshot

Slot 3: Terrafirma

Slot 4: Ohnine

Slot 5: Shadow Spark

Slot 6: Frolic

Slot 7: Starcrosser

Slot 8: RyanSpeedHooves

Slot 9: Paramedic

Artist: Askthecutiemarkcrusaders


  • its BOTH mother and earthbound :3
  • sadly ive never played mother OR earthbound so i dont know shit about the games :3
  • no repeats, which means only one oc per person


Scenario: dressing up as the heroes from two of the greatest games ever~~

Slot 1: Aruafluff As Ness

Slot 2: Terrafirma As Paula

Slot 3: Starcrosser As Ninten

Slot 4: Graphite Sketch as Duster

Slot 5: Darkbolt As Lucas

Slot 6: Whitecharm (on the left) as Kumatora

Slot 7: Pick as Lucky

Slot 8: scwanck as Jeff

THIS ONE, is going to be a revamp of a past project, mainly cause it turned into two separate pictures

"Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World"

Slot 1: Scott Pilgrim: Indigo Nights

Slot 2: Nega Scott: Nether

Slot 3: Stephen Stills: Black Magic

Slot 4: Ramona Flowers: Aurafluff

Slot 5: Kim Pine: Shansai

Slot 6: Knives Chau: Starcrosser

Slot 7: Mathew Patel: Bakpony

Slot 8: Lucas Lee: Snapshot

Slot 9: Todd Ingram: UC

Slot 10: Kyle Katanayagi: Pick (the one on the left)

Slot 11: Ken Katanayagi: Tradewind

Slot 12: Roxie Richter: Dream

Slot 13: Envy Adams: Terrafirma

Slot 14: Gideon Graves: Ohnine

Artist: spittfire