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*Death Wing bucked Pick off of his back, making him land a few feet away turning to him, he was about to move towards him but turned around again seeing Dream Weaver running at him, his horn glowed that same red color and summoned a large bone shaped spear from the ground, he pointed it at Dream who was about 100 feet away, it began to spin through the air at such a high speed, energy cones around it, bursting out along the back in a direct trail from their source."

Pick watches the magic he's doing once hes recovered himself from being knocked down. Pick started running towards Death and ran right into him in a attempt to try and knock him over. Whatever that other pony was going to do Pick needed to make sure he wasn't getting hurt in the process, even if that meant using himself as bait.

*Dream stopped dead in his tracks seeing the spiraling bone spear coming straight at him at high, speeds, he didnt have anytime to move out of the way, so he flapped his wings hard getting off the ground about 4 feet but it wasnt enough the spear itself missed him but the force of it knocking him backwards making him smack into a tree, knocking him out*

Perfect Balance heard many cracks and shouts before he could gather himself to stand up again. When he finally stood up, he noticed three defeated ponies whom he'd never seen--and there was Death Wing, crazy as before, standing around them. Oh, Celestia, he thought to himself, if I don't do something, I'm next for the pain train...

Perfect Balance knew that he now had to fight, so he would fight in the one way he could: He frantically opened his saddlebag and pulled out the metal blade from his friend, Sword. He also shifted another firestarter towards the top of his bag (Gee, he wondered if that fire he made but didn't put out would come back to haunt him). Perfect Balance carefully fired up his magic horn, and his eyes deepened into their serious red. He picked up his sword using telekinesis, and brought it beside him. "For justice!" he shouted loudly, and sent the blade flying towards Death Wing, about to stab him in the leg.

Morhoof narrowly dodged out of the way of another blade of light, the dream catcher adorned pony didn't seem to give much care but there are more pressing matters to be thinking about as of now.

All the... skeletons were gone, that was for sure, but what to do now? He noticed Pick and the unicorn charging the un-death, 'cannon fodder' he thought to himself. It probably wasn't going to make much of a difference if Morhoof were to take the same tactic, who really knew what to do with this monster besides the hippie pony? The hippie pony! It would be abandon ship if it was out of commission. He ran over to the unconscious pony, shaking, slapping, attempting every trick in the book to rouse the downed dream rider, "Wake up you cur!"

*Death Wing turned around to face the other ponies, keeping an eye on Morhoof and Dream Weaver, the sword that Perfect Balance threw hit him in his leg piercing it, making him cry out loud, turning directly towards Perfect Balance his glowed an even darker red, his horn glowed red, summoning a wall of bones around perfect balance circling around him, the wall was about ten feet high, trapping him in there, there was enough room for him to move or run around, the wall could be smashed but would take some time* "Stay in there for a while" *He said in a dark voice, almost as if there was a voice behind his, Death reached down and ranked out the blade from his leg, tossing it aside, he turned back to Morhoof and Dream Weaver, slowly walking over to them limping from the sword wound*

Pick looked over at Perfect Balance trapped it the bone wall, then at Morhoof and Dream Weaver as Death advanced towards them. 'Right' he thought to himself 'Buy Morhoof time to wake That pegasus up, or get Perfect Balace out of there.' Pick had decided to distract him long enough for Dream Weaver to get up, then he would help Perfect Balance. Pick used his wings to speed ahead of Death and stood right in his path with a mocking smirk on his face. "Right then.." Pick thought back to what Dream Weaver had said earlier. "Necromancer! Show me what you can do!" Immediately after saying that he tensed up knowing that something was going to happen.

Perfect Balance was filled with an air of success, but that happiness was dashed amongst the rocks as he found himself in a bone cage. Ironic how the move used to save him was now being used to imprison him.

Of course, Perfect Balance wasn't just going to sit there. "Don't worry about me for now!" he shouted, magically picking up his blade once more. He carefully swiped at the wall of bones again and again, trying to hack his way to freedom.

Ryan, running away from the gorge to the desert, is in a rush for something very important. He is running at full speed and isnt slowing down

"Heh, Cant beleive I almost forgot about it. Well At least I know they will let me in, no matter what."

Ryan then enters the desert and disappears over the horizon.

All is silent, the Earth pony was gone to "who knows where?".

META: Im temporarly leaving the Rp, please dont follow me to the desert anyone. Ryan out

*Dream Weaver's eyes shot open and stood up feeling the pain from hitting the tree wobbling at first, he had forgotten the reason why he even came out here, forgetting all about the dream catcher he made just for this occasion* "Oh for the love of Celestia, how could I have forgotten about that???" *Dream reached into his side pouched and grabbed the magic dream catcher and hung it on his wing so it wouldn't fall off* "All right guys! I need all of your help now! I need you guys to hold him down so I can get this to touch his head, dont ask questions just do it all right!!!???" *Looking straight at Death wing he called out to him* "Oi Necromancer! Lookie over here what I got!" *He held his wings up so the dream catcher would face Death Wing*

*Death Wing's gaze turned to Dream waver upon being called the Necromancer once again, but instead of meeting with Dreams eyes Death locked his gaze to the dream catcher that hung from the wing of Dream Weaver, He couldnt take his eyes off of it, he felt like parts of himself were being sucked into it, tiny piece by tiny piece making him somewhat forget about the other ponies around him* ((You can break out of the bone wall now))

Morhoof quickly got out of the way. Dream Weaver was up, so he had no reason to be in the direct line of fire... so to speak. With Death Wing seemingly to lose sense of his surroundings he took up a position to be ready to restrain the un-death if needed be. Magic was all fancy and Morhoof didn't doubt that it wouldn't be of any good to the situation, however, magic wasn't always reliable, especially if used by an unskilled user.

One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five. Perfect Balance carefully cut a long chain of weak points into a section of the bone wall imprisoning him. Seeing his chance with Death Wing being weakened, Perfect Balance calmly faced away from the wall. He got down onto his front legs, and bucked the wall as hard as he could--and although he wasn't very strong, Perfect Balance kicked straight through the wall with ease.

Bone shards and splinters flying everywhere, Perfect Balance carefully walked out of the bone cage. He took a place beside one of the combating ponies, waiting to see if he would need to fight. Just in case, he carefully held his blade beside him like he did before, ready to launch it if need be.

Pick glanced over at Dream Weaver and nodded, turning his attention back to Death. Soon he was rejoined by Perfect Balance. He had only met him on one or two separate occasions and while they weren't the best meetings, it still gave him enough to know his name. Now his thoughts and attention back to Death Wing, Pick took a step infront of Perfect Balance. "Ready? 1..... 2..... 3.... GO" Pick raced off as fast as he can at Death, flying low to knock him over by his legs

*Death Wings gaze on the dream catcher was broken as he was knocked onto the ground by Pick, being knocked onto his sides so suddenly he didnt know what to do or think for a few minuets, his focus was locked onto the dream catcher like some kinda laser guide*

Morhoof followed pick, throwing himself onto the un-death as well. Boney wing grazing his face unnoticed. He couldn't help but take a curious whif of the beast underneath him. It wasn't what you would expect, but kinda had that hint that you would expect. C'mon, get this over with... my poor lute!

((Feeble post. I've been out of it too long >.<))

Perfect Balance dared not charge the alicorn. He was his companion, psycho killer or not, and not only did he have no desire to hurt them, charging was so...barbaric. Perfect Balance took a step back, waiting to see how Death Wing was being affected by the strange pony's dream catcher.

*Before Death a chance to do anything dream raced towards him the dream catcher dangling from his wing, reaching him standing before him, and looking down on at Death, though his gaze was locked on the dream catcher, Dream could still see the hatred in his eyes, he knew what he needed to do, Dream took the dream catcher from his wing in his mouth and slammed it on deaths head, stepping back* "Back off guys! Your job is done!"

Morhoof got of the creature quickly, rubbing himself with his cloak. He darted quickly over to where he left his lute, leaning down to pick it up only to notice a few drops o' something drip onto it. Feeling his face start to itch he locates the source, it appears that the alicorn was sharper than it looked. Morhoof was shot with a quick bolt of panic. What could this possibly do?! I could have some disease! It was short lived, he did decided to not think about it. What was worse, is he did not want to be watched like he would become some sort of un-death himself.

Pick dashed off away from Death and went over to Morhoof. Pick saw some blood drip from a wound on face. Pick shrugged, it was just a small cut, nothing serious. Pick turned his attention towards Dream and Necro. What was going on was certainly something he didn't want to miss. Seeing Morhoofs small cut made Pick realize how lucky he was for not getting injured at all, atleast from what Pick assumed since he didn't feel anything. He was tempted to look at himself to try and find any wounds but he resisted so his mind or body wouldn't recognize the pain.

*Death Watched as Dream Weaver ran at him his gaze still on the dream catcher that dangled from his wing as he was pinned down from Pick and Moorhoof Dream was before him and had placed the dream catcher on his forehead, instantly taking effect as the dream catcher began to glow a faint white glow at first then bursted into a bright whiteness making death scream out slightly the light traveled into his eyes going into his mind, finding the memories and dreams of the necromancer and the ponies that made him, his body tensed up locking in place his screaming stopped, and all was silent. The Light dissipated and death collapsed onto the ground*

Pick quickly rushed over to the ubdeath pony and prodded him with a hoof. Pick kept his eyes on Death just incase whatever that strange pegasus had did didn't work. Pick glanced over at the strange pegasus then at Perfect Balance. Once this was all over there were going to be alot of question, and he was going to get answers

*Dream Weaver slowly approached Death Hooves ((Changing from wings to hooves)) seeing that the dream catcher had worked he sighed in relief and stopped at his side* "Allright....everything is fine now, It worked, you guys can relax now, hes fine"

(...Gee, are you ever going to have some consistency with this character of yours?)

Perfect Balance calmly blinked, allowing his eyes to relax and become acidic-green again. "He'd better be fine..." he muttered to himself, "I can barely stand to attack him like that."

It then occurred to Perfect Balance to take a look around at his fellow combatants. Analyzing them all rather carefully, he then asked, " you guys, like, have names that you're going to tell me?"

Pick glanced over to Perfect Balance. "Is your memory failing? It's Pick, we've met before." Pick glanced over to Death and Dream. "Now I hope you won't mind answering some questions." Without waiting for either of them to say yes or no, Pick immediately asks a question. "What is he, and how is he alive with bones sticking out?"

*Dream Weaver looked over towards the other three ponies, to death hooves, and then back to the other three* "This a creation of a mad power craving pony from long ago, a thousand years to be exact. From an old graveyard in the everfree forest, this pony who was known as The Necromancer took parts from various ponies, horns, wings to make death wing, thus creating a monstrosity of a pony, but not only did he use parts of different ponies, he thought it would funny to toss in various memories into his head as well. Now as to how I found out about all this that's a different story, and If you ask shall tell"

"I don't remember you, but as a matter of fact, yes, it has been recently. Thanks for your concern about my state." Perfect Balance rolled his eyes, and decided to ignore them for now.

Instead, he turned his attention to who was truly important right now--the pegasus holding the dream catcher. "Who are you, and where do you come from? What lets you control that monstrous event, and how do you know Death Wing? I want answers, and I want them quickly..."

*Dream Weaver stepped over to Perfect Balance, Dream's own dream catcher dangling around his neck* "My name Is Dream Weaver, and I'm from outside of Equestria. I have never meet Death Hooves personally, but I knew about him from the records that were left by the Necromancer when I was traveling through the Everfree forest, I accidentally came upon his research area, about a year back, finding what was left of his work, papers describing his greatest creation. Now about what you just saw, that was all thanks to that dream catcher over there" *Dream pointed over to the dream catcher that laid on the ground next to Death Hooves head* I'm A synthologist, or an alchemist, I can create items to hold magic powers, that dream catcher was created and designed specifically for this situation, it now holds the dreams and memories of that pony"

"It seems awfully drastic to steal everything he's ever known right from his head, but at least you've calmed him down for now..." Perfect Balance put away his knife, seeing that he probably wouldn't need it again.

"Speaking of such, just how safe is he now? We were on a trip to Canterlot, and I'd like to get back on that path as soon as possible..."

*Dream Weaver closed his eyes and sighed opening them* It was the only way, he would have gone even more berserk if the memories and dream remained inside his mind. I tried to only remove the ones that haunted him, mainly the one of the night he was created, hopefully he will remember tha past memories of you"