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"New Canterlot? What's wrong with Old Canterlot? The last time I was there, it was still the finest city around!"

Perfect Balance looked over the work pony carefully. They seemed honest and trustworthy enough, but this disagreed with what his image scale told him--and the image scale had only been wrong once before.

I don't buy this, not one bit... he thought to himself. The image scale suggests that it's a person troubling the princesses, not an event... he added an image of the work pony to the "someone" side of the scale, and the supposed "building of New Canterlot" on the "something" side.

Since it was a supposed event, it only weighed half what it would if it were certain, but the events were still much heavier than the characters--which worried Perfect Balance deeply. Whoever is troubling Celestia, they must be pretty powerful...or...maybe it's more than one...? Perfect Balance sifted through his images of uninvolved ponies, wondering who could possibly be causing this much distraction to both of the princesses...

Striderskunk said:
"Too much, too much, TOO MUCH AAAAIIIIIEEEEEE" Gen screamed as he tried desperately to correct his flight path, he did, avoiding crashing to the ground, but by doing so he slammed right into 2 pony guards. "Uhg what...uh oh, oops sorry" The pegesus said, but to no avail, the guards were KNOCKED THE BUCK OUT.

i jumped hearing the crash. seeing to my right both guards that i called in are out cold, and a a Yong looking Pegasus laying on top of them both. i stopped over and grabbed up the Yong Pegasus.

"What do you thank your doing! not only are you flying to fast over a city, but you lost control and KO my two best guards. now if you don't give me a good reason on why you lost control, i will book you for assault on a guard!"

grabbing the Pegasus tight so theirs no way for them to get away, he looks with anger into (his/hers) eyes.

"HEY! Let go of me! I was practicing my flying and got caught in a downdraft!" Gen said angrly, struggling against the guard. "Your messing up my pants!" said Gen, and indeed that green Pegesus was wearing dark green pants.

Sunshine shifted uneasily. Backing away from.. well, everyone, trying to take... everything in. He wasn't sure he liked how that Perfect Balance guy was eyeballing Celestia.. he was pretty sure the construction unicorn was crazy (or about to make something explode)...

But as he watched the Captain of the Guard pick up the crashed Pegasus and began to throttle him, Sunshine just.. couldn't take anymore, hopping closer with a flick of the wings, "Hey! Can't you see that pony just crashed? Ya don't PLAN to lose control, you just do!" He said, trying to--perhaps stupidly-- insert himself between the poor pegasus and the white guard pony.

The Moon Princess sighed and looked down at them all from the cloud she stood on. At least everything was cooling down. She gently laid herself down, watching them quietly as they all carried on with their nonsense. It was better to just let them carry on than try to stop them all from being... well... normal. She smiled a little. It was kind of cute how they all acted, really. In a strange way.

Princess_Luna said:
The Moon Princess sighed and looked down at them all from the cloud she stood on. At least everything was cooling down. She gently laid herself down, watching them quietly as they all carried on with their nonsense. It was better to just let them carry on than try to stop them all from being... well... normal. She smiled a little. It was kind of cute how they all acted, really. In a strange way.

Molestia, now free, flew up and away from the crowded rumpus that had engulfed a number of ponies on the ground. The Captain was too busy yelling at a bepantsed pegasus to notice her making faces and rude gestures. Molestia couldn't help but be a little disappointed at this; it's hard to give a middle finger when you have hooved legs. Oh well, at least she wasn't being chased.

Flying higher above the town, she noticed the younger of the two royal sisters sitting on a lump of cumulonimbus, looking at the terrestrial proceedings with a expression somewhere between detached horror and worried amusement.

Alighting on the cloud next to Luna, Molestia hoped the princess would not freak out, she had always liked the dark blue Alicorn, whose sense of humor in regards to her sister was similar to Molestia's own.


Hmm. I look over the Pegasus, he/she was very young, and i can see how this can happen to someone that is still learning to fly.

i let go of the Pegasus and smile, i don't like being the mean guy, and would rather everyone know me as a happy guard, then an evil, abusive one.

"well you got to understand, this is why we have the law about flying so fast inside city limits, best to train outside so no one gets hurt. but you did KO 2 of my guards, and i can't let you off for that."

I looked around for something simple the Pegasus can do. "So for KOing my guards, I see it fit that you help applejack ley out the food she most kindly brought for us. also grab yourself a plate." I said smiling.

"now I have one more task to do, if you will excuse me." I opened my wings and shot up like a rocket, and quickly slid a collar around Molestia's neck.

"now to take care of you, this collar has two settings, every time you do something extremely rude, I'll push the red button, and you will be shocked." I moved a hoof to the green button. "And this one, lets just say if your a good pony all day, you will get to see what this one is for tonight." i said smiling.

i knew Molestia to well to know if i try to fight with her, it's just going to end with me getting molested, and trying to cage her is useless. but if you make it a fun game, she will be more then happy to play along with the hopes of a treat at the end.

"now" i said tying a rope to her collar."be a good pony and join us for lunch, Princess Luna wants to rest."

Sunshine hakes his head a little bit in bafflement as the guard captain flopped from rage filled to... inviting the other pegasus to lunch... to rocketing up into the air to.. to.. . did he jsut hit on Molestia?! his eyes darted to the pegasus he'd been defending, and murmured "You might want to run while you can.." he suggested softly, before flitting just far enough away that maybe Captain Courage would not recall that he'd been in his face a few minutes before.

The orange pegasus sat down and started to groom his feathers, unruffling them and making sure they were shining in the sun, just like his yellow-and-pink mane and tail were also. His cutiemark, on his flank, depicted a happy smiling sun, with a pair of clouds, and a few faint marks that were rather like the local mail mare's cutie mark. But mostly, he just watched. Today seemed like a day for chaos. Chaos could be good. Could be bad too, but if shaped carefully...

Gen huffed a bit, surprised at the captain's quick turnaround. He brushed off his pants then saw Luna and... Celestia?, on a cloud above. And that crazy captain was collaring Celestia! "Hey, thanks for your help." Gen said turning to the orange pegasus."Name's Gen Rotor and nah I won't run from a free meal. I like apples!, Plus that Captain would like me to run, so he could take me down in the name of "justice".

a little shocked to see the crash, and Courage jumping up to see whats the matter. I look on to see the Captain pick the little one up and have a chat with them. i thank to myself i hope the Captain don't hurt the little one, but remembers that he won't hurt a fly unless it was trying to hurt others.

i open my basket and spread the food out on the over sized blanket. lots if brightly colored vegetables, and fruits, every dessert made of apples in some way.

before she was done, she sees the little one walking over, and offer to help set the food out. smiling i said "why sure big mac has all the plates, of you would kindly help him hand them out." I'm glad to see the good Captain didn't give a severe punishment to her. he always gets a bad wrap being red eyed and all, but his just a big sweet heart.

i look around, were is Courage anyways, looking up to see him collaring Celestia!... no wait that's the clone. i giggled to see Courage leading the clone on a dog leash. those two are always at it. but it seems Courage is the only one the clone takes a liking to. well... in a non molesting way...

"Oh buck, there's that look again." Gen thought to himself, He adjusted his pants but he was suddenly, painfully aware of his features: His slender frame, his large eyes and delicate muzzle. Now he considered running away, but he was stubborn, he wouldn't let that Captain get the better of him. Quickly he walked to Big Mac, helping him set up.

Perfect Balance carefully looked around, studying the new events and faces. He was becoming dreadfully worried about the princesses by now...then he remembered there probably wasn't much he could do to help. If it's serious enough, she'll call on that Sparkle girl, he thought.

With that, Perfect dismissed his image scale with all the images on it, and turned toward the picnic. It would soon be set up, after all, and he'd hate to look like he was indifferent to their sharing.

Molestia couldn't quite believe what she was hearing. A SHOCK COLLAR?! the Captain couldn't be serious. At worst it would do nothng more than enhance any pleasure that she recieved over the next few hours. But that green button... That was intriguing, the succubus had never seen a look like that on the Captain's face, nor that tone in his voice.

"whatever you say, SIR", Molestia purred, eliciting a grim smile of satisfaction from Courage, and causing Princess Luna to just about fall off of her cloudy perch in shock.

This day was getting interesting, for all that it had started with a sodding fridge.

Molestia said:

She sat up and turned her head to look at the Monstrosity, her expression nothing but disdain and annoyance. "Why have you escaped the dungeon?" The princess asked flatly. She never liked the clone in the least. Her sister, her REAL sister, was the only version she liked, and those stupid copy-cats that popped out of nowhere have been nothing but a bane to her.

She stood, spreading her wings, hovering before them in a regal stance, and addressed the Captain. The princess shook her head, rolling her eyes at the Shock Collar snapped around the Fake's neck. "Captain, we've already been over this. Little shock collars like that will do nothing but excite her farther." She took a deep inhale and collected her magic, horn glowing dimly. As she exhaled, a small, well-aimed plume of fire licked across the Monstrosity's face. "Fire, on the other hoof, works much better."

Unoccupied for the moment, Perfect Balance began to drift into a daydream. He knew Twilight Sparkle quite well--they went to the same college, and they shared many classes. He was always a little jealous of her, because she was Celestia's apprentice. While he didn't desire the power that would come with it, he thought he'd worked more than hard enough to earn it. Perfect Balance sighed, and wished he had taken the time to introduce himself to Twilight. She was so popular, and it seemed nobody acknowledged him as a friend. For a split second, Perfect Balance thought about how lonely he was in his home...

Then he heard the flicker of fire. Perfect Balance snapped out of his daydream, and was more than a little alarmed to see Luna threatening the "clone" with a flame. Not only did it seem a little out of character for the mild-mannered princess, they weren't doing anything wrong...not right now, anyway. "Hey, don't do that!" Perfect Balance quickly generated a small breeze, putting out Luna's flame. "There's no need to do that now, she's not hurting anyone!"

Little did Perfect Balance know, the wind he genarated caused a little amber from Princess Luna's fire to hit Ryan Speedhooves on his nose. "OW! What the...where that come from?" Ryan was just passing through on his way to Sugarcube Corner to get something to eat. Then he noticed the Princesses up in a cloud, some knocked out Guard Ponys, and a picnic with the Apple Family. "What they hay is going on hear? and why is there two Princess Celestias?"

PsychoShy said:
Then he heard the flicker of fire. Perfect Balance snapped out of his daydream, and was more than a little alarmed to see Luna threatening the "clone" with a flame. Not only did it seem a little out of character for the mild-mannered princess, they weren't doing anything wrong...not right now, anyway. "Hey, don't do that!" Perfect Balance quickly generated a small breeze, putting out Luna's flame. "There's no need to do that now, she's not hurting anyone!"

Luna looked down at the judge, her face riddled with disapproval. "Mister Balance, as a judge, you of all ponies here should be well aware of the crimes this 'Molestia' is charged of." She replied promptly.

It was true, she didn't usually take such bold action toward anypony.. except two. The Monstrosity and the Abomination that is 'Trollestia' and 'Molestia'... Two ponies conceived through unjustified attacks against her sister, who has done nothing but guide Equestria through peaceful times unaided by her sister who was meant to rule by her side. In truth, she somewhat blames herself for the creation of these clones. But that was a long-winded story that doesn't need to be recalled...

She cleared her throat and spoke to the Judge again. "Please, Mister Balance. Understand why I act to suppress any outbursts from this Imposter... I hold my sister very dear, and the many hurtful things this creature has caused only comes to slings and arrows against my sister, as if she committed them herself." She hovered vigilantly before the collared mare, looking at Perfect Balance with a glance of sympathy. "I simply cannot stand for such attacks against Tia... " was added to punctuate her defense.

"oh the pain, no. fire is bad" Molestia droned as the Moon Princess sent yellow flames across her snout. The SUCCUBUS couldn't help but wonder how and why so many ponies forgot what she was. it upset her, it really did.

Hearing the hurtful things being said about her wasn't helping. "hey, I am what I am" she muttered under her breath. "besides, who was the one who got you into philately?" Molestia briefly considered taking the form of the younger of the siblings in retaliation, but decided to just leave.

Shaking out her mane, Molestia jumped off the cloud and flew away, maybe the yellow one that was simply too timid and adorable to harm was about, she was always ready with a cup of tea and a quiet chuckle.

And just like that, the creature flew away to do something stupid somewhere else... Luna rubbed the bridge of her nose in disdain and sighed deeply. She threw her arms out and shrugged, "Alright, fine. Go away then. The second you screw up, I'll have you on the SUN! DO YOU HEAR ME!?" She called after the creature.

Ryan wipes his nose from the the amber burn and stares at the Celestia clone as she flies off. "Wonder what that was all about?" He then looks over at the picnic and starts walking towards it. "Hmm, I wonder if they let me join them? Im really hungry and it sure smells good over there!" As he walks towards the picnic, he slips on a muffin and lands face first in another. Ryan Stands back up and wipes his nose again. He mutters to himself "Today just isn't my day."

*takes some of the left over cardboard and tape and makes a crown with the words Waffle King on it and sits watching the stream flow past the front of New Canterlot*

It is good to be king.

It was not a half hour later that Molestia was sprawled on the fainting couch in a little cottage near the edge of the Everfree forest, drinking tea and recounting the morning's affairs to the yellow Pegasus seated opposite.

"... Swear to Celly, a fridge! Dirty great hole in the bottom..."

Ever since Fluttershy had... thwarted the Succubus' - ahem - regular proceedings, Molestia found her an interesting confidant, if not her first friend that wasn't actively trying to kill, capture or banish her on the side.

"... Yelling about banishing me to the sun, as if that would be a big bother, well, getting back might be some trouble..."

Fluttershy nodded, the tea balanced on her hooves growing cold as she half listened to the Celestia look-alike's story. As far as Fluttershy was concerned, this was a pretty run-of-the-mill day for Molestia, and at least it wasn't another lamentation that her oven just wasn't hot enough to bake a decent set of breast-shaped cakes.

"... I dunno, maybe I should just let him capture me, help him get back in the Princesses' good books."

Fluttershy was shocked out of her erotic cake-based reverie by the last sentence, and couldn't help but ask for elaboration.

"The Captain", Molestia explained, "Perhaps I should allow him to capture me, you know, a few days of complete compliance, help him get back in Luna's good books. Poor guy was getting the once-over pretty bad when I left..."

Fluttershy nodded, in the time since they had become... well, okay, FRIENDS, she had watched the Captain of the Guard and this creature go from bitter enmity to something more along the lines of a friendly rivalry. "Perhaps that's a good idea... um, as long as you don't do anything particularly silly..."

Molestia shrugged, and stood to leave. "Thanks for the tea there Yellow pony, I'll tell you how it all goes when I get out in a few days, a week tops".

With that, she trotted out the door and took to the air, back to where the Captain was still presumably being disciplined for his lack of results.

This was going to be an interesting week.

META: Sorry for the long post guys, I just thought I would practice my back-and-forth dialoguing a bit

Perfect Balance heaved a long, heavy sigh. Great. They'd let the oddball get away...again. They would probably turn up soon...again. And he'd have to come up with yet another clever way to incapacitate and capture them...again. He wondered if it was worth delivering justice when somepony was that...resilient.

But more importantly, the princess had called him--neigh, the princess had called him by name. Flattered and a bit humiliated, he fell into a bow immediately. "My apologies, princess, I'm making assumptions again. I know that you two aren't on the best of terms..."

i sit seeing Molestia fly away... i had her this time, but the Princess seems too be upset with something to see the plan.

i feel bad for Molestia, i mean when she was made some of the genes got mixed, and now she has an extremely high sexual drive to the point it drives her mad. most know this now, and have found ways to work around her. but still a lot hate her for being made the way she is? no one ever gets to pick how, or what they will be made as.

she has no family, most ether fear or hate her... maybe that's why I can understand her so well... i fill sick inside when we do nab her, and cage her up, trying to make her just go away. part of me is happy when she gets away, because as of late she has not Molested anyone, well besides the ones that like it... maybe she just wants to be treated nicely for one's. to have some friends that understand her problems, and are willing to look past them.

at least Fluttershy has become her friend.

She shook her head a little and looked at the bowing judge. "It is quite alright. I suppose I did act a little too quickly..." The Princess said, landing back upon the cloud beside the Captain. She wasn't angry with him in the least. Although, ditching your post as a Captain of the Guard was a pretty serious offense and would leave a bad example to those under his command, she would let him off easy.

"Captain, Molestia is still obligated by her Conditional Imprisonment... I expect her to be returned to her cell by tomorrow afternoon."

Ah yes, the conditional imprisonment bargain Celestia made with those two... Her sister seems to find use for the disturbed clones, using them as replacements for when she doesn't want to sit through stuffy meetings or when she is under too much stress to make a public appearance. Of course, that was silly, seeing as the two would usually give her a bad name and over-all contribute to the conspiracy that she is some sort of Tyrant, but Luna knew these were all false.

"I know how frustrated you must be...these fakers irritate me to no end, especially when they imitate the original. But, you have to remember, they're people too...and people can change their minds, so we can't punish them for no reason."

By now, Perfect Balance had completely forgotten about what his image scale had told him, and had nearly forgotten about the picnic. Intrigued, he beckoned to Luna, asking her to sit beside him. "Say, do you know my name?"

The orange pegasus gave Gen a smile. "Everyone likes apples." he laughed a little. "Jus' be careful." he confided lowly. "I have no doubt in the abilities of the Princesses, tough I do wonder about the Captain sometimes... he seems.. volitile and a bit--did he just put a collar on her like she's some kind of pet?!" he said, eyes going a bit wise. The orange pegasus was rather slight of frame himself. One would probably guess he was in that area between colt-hood and stallionhood where he was still looking forward to another growth spurt.

He shook his head a bit, blinking open his cheery red eyes. "Just I guess fif he starts looking angry again.." he paused, glancing up at Courage again in the sky. "or... uhh...." he hesitated, looking at the younger looking pegasus. "too.. uhm.. friendly..." he trailed off, hoping the other'd get the hint. he didn't want to have to jump into the middle again. he was too young to end up imprisioned!

The half deranged demo pony was so not reading the rest of this, and just kinda went about her way. Working to get the right explosives, in the right places on the side of a mountain*

TerraFirma said:
The half deranged demo pony was so not reading the rest of this, and just kinda went about her way. Working to get the right explosives, in the right places on the side of a mountain*

oh no...

As she flew towards the centre of town, Molestia wondered how best to give herself up. Quietly setting down and whispering seemed too.... Boring. Ah, that might work.

Landing at the picnic site, Molestia suddenly gave out a pained moan and threw herself to the ground. WIth one hoof claped to her chest, and the other planted firmly across her eyes, she cried "Oh dear, sweet, kind Captain! I have learned the error of my ways! Pleas, oh please take me away so that I may harm no other living creature ever again!".

With that, she fell limp, forelegs extended awaiting the chains that would inevitably clamp down and take away her freedom once again... But not before she set things straight.

"and by the way, not a clone, succubus. Not clone. Sheesh - er, I mean - oh woe is me! and so forth"