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Thank you for coming.

It's been a long time coming now, but it's time for Twenty Percent Cooler to close down. We've had a good run and had a great time in our heyday, but the sun has set on our little website and now it's time to go. You have about a week to record, save, and archive what you would like before everything goes dark, so please make the best of this time.

Thank you for all the memories and contributions to our community in these last 8 years. We had a great time.

~ Sincerely, Princess Luna
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Community Projects V3

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Community Projects V3

The new board for the community projects, the lists, and joining them. This was made due to the bloat of the old one, as well as the closing of batch one projects. NOTICE: OC's may be removed if new players join that have not been in other projects. We will not announce these anywhere but on here. so it is your job to keep yourself informed!

"1. Projects are First come, First serve. You may buy a spot in for 20+ depending on artist Comission prices. Or you may Reserve a spot for 20USD flat out. Donations to the project do not count twords this."

"2. No Alicorn OC's. If your OC is an alicorn, you must lose something, either the horn, or wings, or both. Their are no exceptions."

"3. All characters must have a Reference posted beside their names, preferably in link form, or they will not be accepted. Pony generater images, or low quality sketches may be used if they are hosted off site {image shack/photo bucket}"
"3.1 [u]Character references must be Solo images[/u], preferably in color, and preferably the best image you have of your character."

"4. Slots may be given away to new characters if a character is in multiple pictures. What character is removed from what Will be determined by a dice-roll, their names will be posted on here when they are removed, and who replaced them."

"5. Begging to be on the projects is a sure fire way to not be on them, as is pestering us for status updates. They'll be done when their done."

"6. Only one OC is permitted per player per picture. So if you have two OC's they CANNOT be on the same picture for any reason."

"Update. 7: No Changelings. Ever. Period. If you try to use a Changeling, not only will you be denied, you will be laughed at mercilessly."

"NOTICE: Here is the new rule for BATCH 3: you are only allowed to be in 7 projects at MAX, if you have been in seven projects you will NOT be allowed in another, THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT OF THE IDEA THEIR WILL BE NO MORE PROJECTS ADDED UNTIL BATCH 4, BATCH 4 WILL NOT START UNTIL BATCH 3 IS COMPLETE. SLOTS TAKEN IN BATCH 3 DO NOT COUNT AGAIN HOW MANY YOU CAN BE IN IN BATCH 4"

Seapony Sorrow

No one loves the seaponies, so why not have a shot for those who do!

Slot 1: WhiteCharm {on the left} as an Octopony
Slot 2: TerraFirma As a Seapony.
Slot 3: Sleepy Skies as a seaslugpony
Slot 4: StarCrosser as a Seapony
Slot 5: Kitters as a seaslug pony
Slot 6: OhNine as a seapony
Slot 7: HonorBright as a turtle.
Slot 8: "Brando" as a sea gryphon

Samarai Jack

Ponies in the theme of Samuri Jack

Slot 1: Nether
Slot 2: Eventide
Slot 3: Limelight
Slot 4: Adalinda
Slot 5: "Brando"
Slot 6: "Rapid"
Slot 7: "Rain Twister"
Slot 8: "Sleepy Skies"


Swatkats meets My Little Pony, is their anything more to be said? (Slots 1-4 will be jet pilots, slots 4-8 will be mechanics}

Slot 1: "TerraFirma"
Slot 2: "StarCrosser"
Slot 3: Snapshot
Slot 4: "Sleepy Skies"
Slot 5: Pick (Maintenence)
Slot 6: "Brando"
Slot 7: "Inquiry"
Slot 8: Ryan Speedhooves

Ghost in the Pony

A romp in the land of the Dystopian Cyberpunk, with the major and tachkomas

Slot 1: TerraFirma
Slot 2: AuraFluff
Slot 3: Captain Courage
Slot 4: Snapshot
Slot 5: WhiteCharm the one on the left
Slot 6: Nether
Slot 7: StarCrosser
Slot 8: Inquiry

Summon the Zords!

ITS MORPHIN TIME! Go go pony rangers!

Slot 1: TerraFirma {Red Ranger}
Slot 2: Pick (Pink Ranger)
Slot 3: ParaMedic (Yellow Ranger)
Slot 4: StarCrosser as the (Blue Ranger)
Slot 5: OhNine as the (Black ranger)

Slasher Sunday

The spooky, the cooky, and the blood thirsty have crossed into the realm of the ponies, their will be insanity! Ponies dressed as famous serial killers and movie monsters.

Slot 1: TerraFirma as Jason
Slot 2: FrostBitten as Jigsaw
Slot 3: Pick as Freddy Kreuger
Slot 4: Lucy as Chucky
Slot 5: Inquiry
Slot 6: Frolic as leatherface
Slot 7: "Oh Nine"

Bite my Shiny Metal Ass.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! A wormhole has opened up and deposited these strange brightly colored pony like creature into planet express! Now we have a great mission of diplomacy!

Slot 1: TerraFirma
Slot 2: Frostbitten
Slot 3: AuraFluff Dressed as the Professor.
Slot 4: Tradewind
Slot 5:
Slot 6: OhNine
Slot 7: Adalinda
{Futurama Crew}

I need Serenity

Seems the Serenity has gotten a few fuzzy new stow-aways, and captain Mal ain't too happy about it.

Slot 1: TerraFirma
Slot 2: Frostbitten as a Reaver
Slot 3: Soul Waker with no wings, as a reaver.
Slot 4: Tradewind
Slot 5: Snapshot
Slot 6: Inquiry
Slot 7: Honorbright being eaten by a reaver
Special Slots
Slot 8: CocoaBean
Slot 9: Autumn Colors

B Slot 1 :Captain Mal
B Slot 2: Janye Cobbs
B Slot 3: Zoe
B Slot 4: Wash
B Slot 5: Dr Tam
B Slot 6: Kaylee

Through the wormhole

Another ponies in space theme, only this one in the theme of Farscape.

Slot 1: TerraFirma
Slot 2: Frostbitten
Slot 3: Merino
Slot 4: CocoaBean
Slot 5: Autumn Colors
Slot 6: "Brando"
Slot 7: "Rain Twister"

Farcry Cast
B Slot 1: John Crichton
B Slot 2: Aeryn Sun
B Slot 3: Ka D'Argo
B Slot 4: Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
B Slot 5: Dominar Rygel XVI

Cowpony Bebop

See you next time, space cowpoyn

Slot 1: TerraFirma
Slot 2: Pick
Slot 3: Honorbright Dressed as Jet Black
Slot 4: AuraFluff
Slot 5: Snapshot
Slot 6: Black Magic the one on the right.
Slot 7: Eventide
Slot 8: Limelight
Slot 9: Spike Speagle
Slot 10: Jet Black
Slot 11: Edward {I'm not typing out her full name.}

Outlaw pony

Everypony is dressed like characters from Outlaw Star

Slot 1: TerraFirma Dressed as Aisha Clanclan
Slot 2: StarCrosser Dressed as Melfina
Slot 3: Inquiry dressed as Jim Hawking
Slot 4: Autumn Colors as Suzuka
Slot 5: CocoaBean as Gene Starwind

BSlot 1: Gene Starwind
Bslot 2: Jim hawking
Bslot 3: Melfina
Bslot 4: Suzuka
Bslot 5: Aisha Clanclan.
{Special bonus}:Hot ice hilda.

I'm the god damn batmare

the dark pony watches over the lands of equestria, a meeting with teh police of gotham city. And a Handover of defeated villains.

Slot 1: OhNine
Slot 2: TerraFirma
Slot 3: Nether
Slot 4: Aurora
Slot 5: Frolic
Slot 6: CocoaBean
Slot 7: Autumn Colors
Slot 8: Ceta

Bonus slot: Scootaloo as the Batmare.


the name is pony, james pony

Slot 1: Ohnine as "007"
Slot 2: ColdForge as "Q"
Slot 3: Honorbright as "Oddjob"
Slot 4: AuraFluff as a bond girl.
Slot 5: "Captain Courage as "Jaws"

now your thinking with ponies

ponies using portal guns to solve puzzles for monsters

Slot 1: OhNine
Slot 2: Frostbitten
Slot 3: Snapshot
Slot 4: Merino Caught in an endless loop portal.
Slot 5: Sleepy Skies
Slot 6: Eventide
Slot 7: Inquiry

She's An Evil Enchantress:

Everypony has been joked by Poison Joke

Slot 1: Ohnine
Slot 2: TerraFirma
Slot 3: Pick
Slot 4: CocoaBean
Slot 5: Autumn Colors
Slot 6: Bouch
Slot 7: StarCrosser
Slot 8:

Ponies at the bar

Drunk and distroden, ponies who've hit rock bottom, or just want to take a night off from a hard days work.

Slot 1: Frostbitten
Slot 2: TerraFirma
Slot 3: Pick
Slot 4: Honorbright
Slot 5: AuraFluff
Slot 6: Captain Courage
Slot 7: Snapshot
Slot 8: Nether

Canon apperance: Berry Punch

Bonus slot: Rapid as a barmaid.

I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse

A picture based on the old dons, and the prohibition, ponies in fedoras and zoot suits for all! and maybe a shoot out with the fuz.

Slot 1: Nether
Slot 2: TerraFirma
Slot 3: Ohnine
Slot 4: Frostbitten
Slot 5: Pick
Slot 6: AuraFluff
Slot 7: Tradewind
Slot 8: Lucy as a goon.
Slot 9: Sleepy Skies
Slot 10: Ceta
Slot 11: Nether
Slot 12: Spades
Slot 13: Brando
Slot 14: Bouch

Pony Luau
Tiki torches everywhere

Slot 1: Pick
Slot 2: MegaTon
Slot 3: Frostbitten
Slot 4: Paramedic
Slot 5: WhiteCharm The one on the Left.
Slot 6: Kitters
Slot 7: Tradewind
Slot 8: OhNine

Battle Royal

It's time for luuuuuuuuchaaaaalibreeee!

Slot 1: Nether
Slot 2: Megaton
Slot 3: Black Magic the one on the right, Doing the Pulverizing Pinball.
Slot 4: OhNine
Slot 5: CocoaBean
Slot 6: Autumn Colors
Slot 7: Bouch

  • "I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse"
  • Firefly as a Reaver
  • Pony Luau
  • Bite my Shiny Metal Ass
  • Slasher Sunday as Jigsaw
  • Farscape
  • Portal

I need serenity
SoulWaker - Reaver

Pick in ponies may cry as Nero, I'm going to make an offer you can refuse, ponies at the bar (get some stubble on him x3) cowboy bebop for sure, power ranger as pink ranger, slasher Sunday as Freddy Krueger, swatponies

7 years ago
apple applejack bat_wings blonde_hair earth_pony equine fang female filly foal generation_4 green_eyes high_res messy_hair norang94 orange_body pony sitting solo transparent_background vampire wings young rating:Safe score:1 user:Werewolf

Oh Luna, if I can get Honor Bright in "Cowpony BeBop" as Jet Black, I will be a happy brony.

00Pony: Honor in a white tux? Don't care who he is; he can be a good guy, bad guy, or random onlooker.

And, much as I love all things Firefly and Serenity, I'm going to go for "Ponies at the bar." Honor will be at the bar or a table with a mug of dark in one hoof, and a couple of empties in front of him. If anypony is fighting he'll be glaring at them but not interfering.

Honor Bright

Can I do a few: aurafluff

ghost in the pony
bite my shiny metal ass (professor)
00 as a bond girl :p
and "offer you can't refuse"
coypony beepbob

Can I get Tradewind in Serenity, Futurama, and Mob ponies?

Ghost in the Pony
Ponies at the bar


Summon the Zords (pink)
Pony Luau


Slasher Sunday (something with a evil small girl)
I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse


7 years ago
absurd_res alpha_channel bag baseball_cap blue_eyes clothing costume cutie_mark equine freckles happy hat kloudmutt male my_little_pony open_mouth orange_body original_character pegasus pokémon pony red_hair saddlebag shirt snapshot solo to_keep wings rating:Safe score:0 user:Ryan_Speedhooves

Ugh, there's so many of these old series and movies that I love...

Swat Ponies (pilot plz)
Ghost in the Pony
I need Serenity
Cowpony Bebop
Now You're Thinking With Ponies
Ponies at the Bar


So many projects... I'm not sure how they're all going to get done... oh well. In the interest of filling space:
1)Samurai Jack - Limelight
2)GiTs - Inquiry
3)Slasher - Inquiry ( fitting, no? )
4)Serenity - Inquiry (Probably babbling like an idiot about the ship's tech with Kaylee )
5)Bebop - Limelight
6)Outlaw - Inquiry as Jim Hawking
7)Portal - Inquiry (He loves his science... and monsters)


Awesome Ideas. Should be interesting to see them come together.

7 years ago

Well since I thought up seapony sorrow...I would like WhiteCHarm to be in it as an octopus pony!

Whitey could be in ghost int he pony as well. And Pony Luau. On the left

Minero could be in through the wormhole. And in Portal. Silly sheep falling in an infinite loop

Black Magic could be in Cowpony Beebop. And he could be in battle royal doing the pulverizing pinball! I wonder if anyone recalls that show... On the right

I wanna be in Portals ("Now You're Thinking with Ponies") and "I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse"...!

And maybe the seapony one as a sea slug!!

Sleepy Skies -