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Cheating in a game and the opponent letting you get away with it, is still cheating.

No rules in the Ironpony competition forbidding the use of wings.

The cheating in the Running of the Leaves may have been started by RD, but AJ had no compulsions about joining in and accused RD of cheating long before then. And even in that case, its STILL CHEATING!
This just makes AJ judgemental, a cheater and a hypocrite.

I'm assuming AJ didn't tell Cherry Jubilee, since she didn't tell anyone else, due to not wanting to be followed. Telling Jubilee would not only be less of a breach of trust than lying to her friends, but also actively counter productive. In other words, stupid.
And this doesn't change the fact that she ran out on her promise to her friends.

And saying you are going to do something you have no intention of doing, like say, when AJ promised to tell them at breakfirst and then skipping town, is the definition of lying.
And even when her friends caught her redhoofed in that lie, she didn't fezz up the truth, she ran off, resulting in an extended chase sequence.
She was pretty much doing everything in her power not to tell the truth.

And then there's the time she lied about needing help on the farm (lying to herself and to others...).
Or when she lied about being hungry at the reception held for Celestia in Bird in the Hoof.
Or in Suited for Success, when she tried to give the same false impression of liking the first dress Rarity made for her.
Or when she lies about being late for something back home in order to get out of a Sleepover, or any of the countless other small white lies from that episode.
And all those instances without mentioning discorded AJ or the one time she's famous for lying...
Really, she has only once been shown to have a real problem with lying and that was in Party for one, when all the other ponies has the same problem and where just as bad at it.

As for Ponyville's celebrations in AJ's honour, she arrived late for one and could barely even be arsed to say thank you for the whole thing, and she skipped town after the other. Dick moves on both counts when the whole town gets together to be nice to her...
Hence, undeserving.