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Thank you for coming.

It's been a long time coming now, but it's time for Twenty Percent Cooler to close down. We've had a good run and had a great time in our heyday, but the sun has set on our little website and now it's time to go. You have about a week to record, save, and archive what you would like before everything goes dark, so please make the best of this time.

Thank you for all the memories and contributions to our community in these last 8 years. We had a great time.

~ Sincerely, Princess Luna
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Community Projects V4

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(Note these are unofficial and 20pc and it's affiliates do not represent them at all)

The new board for the community projects, the lists, and joining them. This was made due to the bloat of the old one, as well as the closing of batch one projects. NOTICE: OC's may be removed if new players join that have not been in other projects. We will not announce these anywhere but on here. so it is your job to keep yourself informed!

"1. we are hoping we can get some new faces this time around, people who normally take part in the projects will be limited, so that way some new faces can get the chance to take part in it

"2. No Alicorn OC's. If your OC is an alicorn, you must lose something, either the horn, or wings, or both. Their are no exceptions."

  • 2b. this rule may be ignored on certain occasions

"3. All characters must have a Reference posted beside their names, preferably in link form, or they will not be accepted. Pony generater images, or low quality sketches may be used if they are hosted off site {image shack/photo bucket}"

  • 3b. Character references must be Solo images, preferably in color, and preferably the best image you have of your character.

"4. Slots may be given away to new characters if a character is in multiple pictures. If your character is removed from any project, you will be respectively notified containing the reason why"

"5. If you think there is a minor misconception regarding a project, Please contact Derpy Hooves and a response should arrive shortly "

"6. Only one OC is permitted per player per picture. So if you have two OC's they CANNOT be on the same picture for any reason."

NOTICE: im getting tired of searching for your ref, if you do not add a ref to your post you will be skipped

Every Pony Should Know~

Scenario: Everypony is dressed as fancy as the ponies in canterlot


Slot 1: Scout

Slot 2: Hearts

Slot 3: Sungazer

Slot 4: Starcrosser

Slot 5: Nether

SLot 6: Ponder


CANON SLOT: Fancy Pants

CANON SLOT: Fleur De Lis

Pet Day

Scenario: the ponies of 20pc are showing off their pets


Slot 1: Navy Numbers with a Chicken

Slot 2: Spades with a Crow

Slot 3: Florid with a racoon

Slot 4: Shansai with a Snake

Slot 5: Sixtoh with a Fruit Bat

Slot 6: Heart Strike with a Bat

Welcome to Rapture

  • you can be using one plasmid if you want

Scenario: the ponies find themselves fighting for their lives in rapture


Slot 1: Eventide using the Scout Plasmid

Slot 2: Heartmend using the electro bolt plasmid

Slot 3: Heart Strike using the aero dash plasmid

Slot 4: Florid dressed as Kyle Fitzpatrick

Slot 5: Quillweave (NO WINGS) using telekinesis

-Pony Party Scenario-
Gunny: (Cutie mark is a Desktop PC)

Pony party
Strawberry Icing:

-Pet Day-

OC: Navy Numbers
Reference: (He's not insane or anything. That's the best ref of him, The knife was just for that picture. >.>)

Pet: Chicken (white feathers, black eyes, yellow beak, red comb)

Every Pony Should Know (tilde)

6 years ago
anthro blush brown_body brown_eyes clothing equine female high_res multi-colored_hair my_little_pony original_character panties rainbowscreen shansai simple_background socks solo to_keep underwear white_body zebra rating:Questionable score:8 user:Shansai

Shansai in Pet Day with her pet snake. I thought that since almost none of the projects I signed up for had been finished or started (Only one is started afaik) I counted as a new face regarding projects. Snake should be a cobra.

Welcome to Rapture

OC: Heartmend, using the Electro Bolt plasmid


Every Pony Should Know

OC: Sungazer, in uniform
(I know it's not strictly a solo picture of him, but it's the best I have, and he isn't really blocked out of view by Candlelight; I hope that's acceptable?)

StarCrosser for Every Pony Should Know

Snowfall for Pony Party

Eventide for Welcome to Rapture, using the Scout plasmid.

6 years ago
aymint blue_body blush clothing equine female generation_4 multi-colored_hair pegasus pony purple_eyes rainbow_dash rainbow_hair solo wings rating:Safe score:7 user:Shansai

Nether for a pony everypony should know.

HeartStrike for Welcome to Rapture using aero dash if that's okay


HeartStrike for Pet Day with a pet bat

Florid for:
Pet Day with a raccoon,
and Rapture dressed as Kyle

Quillweave for -Welcome to Rapture- using telekinesis plasmid

*Not an Alicorn OC. OC is from a fanfic I'm writing, He is a Draquus, a mutatino if you will, forced change via Dragon magic. Long story, simply put if considered alicorn'ish' take the wings off as he is firstly a unicorn.*
^Link to story for further reference if interested.

Please add me to Pony Party


Tradewind said:
Please add me to Pony Party


I guess I'm going to have to repost since my original one got erased.

Ponder in Pony Party:

I wanted to be in "every Pony should know" But that one filled up. :/


I wanna be in the Mario Party drawing ^_^

These four are filled, I will be moving them shortly and adding others

THIS ONE, is going to be a revamp of a past project, mainly cause it turned into two separate pictures

"Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World"

Slot 1: Scott Pilgrim: Indigo Nights

Slot 2: Nega Scott: Nether

Slot 3: Stephen Stills: Black Magic

Slot 4: Ramona Flowers: Aurafluff

Slot 5: Kim Pine: Shansai

Slot 6: Knives Chau: Starcrosser

Slot 7: Mathew Patel: Bakpony

Slot 8: Lucas Lee: Snapshot

Slot 9: Todd Ingram: UC

Slot 10: Kyle Katanayagi: Pick (the one on the left)

Slot 11: Ken Katanayagi: Tradewind

Slot 12: Roxie Richter: Dream

Slot 13: Envy Adams: Terrafirma

Slot 14: Gideon Graves: Ohnine

Adding more projects

Rave the night away

Glow sticks, glow bracelets, lasers, loud music, it's time to dance the night away


Slot 1: Tradewind

Slot 2: Sixtoh (No cloak)

Slot 3: Velvet Star

Slot 4: Shansai

Slot 5: Teble (the one on the right)

Slot 6: Eventide

Slot 7: Aurafluff

Slot 8: Trahea

6 years ago
anthro blush brown_body brown_eyes clothing equine female high_res multi-colored_hair my_little_pony original_character panties rainbowscreen shansai simple_background socks solo to_keep underwear white_body zebra rating:Questionable score:8 user:Shansai

Shansai For the rave project

Treble (the one on the right) for the rave project