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Post in forum #4225 - NSFW Community Projects

Tentacled Ponies~

Our ocs have been caught by sex tentacles while exploring a swamp in the everfree forest.
Genderswapped ponies are allowed
describe what the tentacles are doing to you and what position you want to be it, upsidedown, an all fours, suspended in the air, ect

5 slots

Slot1:SweetDreams Being showered with cum while entagled with tentacles
Slot2: Nectar being tripple stuffed and suspended in the air
slot3:coldforge being held in the air by one leg with his mouth stuffed and a tentacle wrapped around his penis
slot4:Lunae held up by tentacles, rear facing the camera, triple penetrated, cumming in her mouth, one wrapped around her horn
slot5:DayDreamer held in place by all four legs tentacles around ballsack and penis, tentacle wrapped around his eyes like a blindfold, and a tentacle prodding his ass

artist: searching