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Post in forum #4225 - NSFW Community Projects
6 years ago
aymint blue_body blush clothing equine female generation_4 multi-colored_hair pegasus pony purple_eyes rainbow_dash rainbow_hair solo wings rating:Safe score:7 user:Shansai

Rin said:
The Mile High Club

In which six ponies have boarded a plane, were unable to help themselves, and ended up getting busy on that airplane. Two of them have claimed the floor, working doggy style. Two of them have taken the seats, the one shoving it in the other on their back and their partner's back to their belly. The final couple has holed up in the bathroom, with the top sitting on their butt on the toilet, their partner in their lap as they're getting nailed. There MAY be room for an extra two Pegasi getting frisky outside on a cloud, but I can't guarantee that. Apply for the outdoor Pegasus spots ONLY if you accept the possibility that you will be excluded for the artist's time or any other reason. Finally, all sexualities permitted.

Artist - CynicalMoose (


Doggy Style Ponies
1 (Giver) -
2 (Receiver) - Malachite (Petrock)

Back on Belly Ponies
3 (Giver) -
4 (Receiver) -

Ponies in the Bathroom
5 (Giver) -
6 (Receiver) -

Nether for position six, couple with ryan. Ponies in the bathroom, taking it like a stallion please :3