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Post in forum #4225 - NSFW Community Projects

NOTE: this project is now classified as a NSFW project, and has been moved to the right section

End of an Era
The aftermath of a large battle between an unseen force {Presumably rouge dragons or something} and a group of ponies who defended their home.

Slot 1: Dreamweaver Fatally injured {Possibly flat out dead.}
Slot 2: TerraFirma Severely wounded.
Slot 3: Nether
Slot 4: Ryan Speedhooves Cowering
Slot 5: StarCrosser Field medic Unhurt
Slot 6: Pick Critically wounded
Slot 7: Paramedic
Slot 8: Spades missing two limbs and a wing.
Slot 9:
Slot 10: Shadow spark Impaled on a spear
Slot 11: Snapshot Documenting
Slot 12: Rapid Frozen solid