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20% Cooler adorably_unsexy bestiality blue_hair cum cum_on_face cum_on_horn dont_transfer duo duplicate equine female generation_4 hair horn human humor interspecies kevinsano magic male multi-colored_hair open_mouth oral oral_sex penis plain_background pony premature_ejaculation purple_body purple_eyes purple_hair sex straight telekinesis three_color_hair twilight_sparkle uncut unicorn

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Oh Twilight, you are so adorkable.

belive me is much worse whit male horses :P now clean up!

Don't believe any books about sex unless they have pictures that do their best to make it seem like a medical practice.

Ten seconds flat.

That dick looks retarded

looks at tags: wouldn't this be a case of 'cum_with_horn' ... it seems she's levitating his member.

I wonder if thamaturgic energies are warm, or cold, or neither? Imagine a really hot hand job only without the friction. Next, to quote alekpo, clean up!

and I disagree with dream weaver -- male member is on par with realism used elsewhere in this image. A minute or two after the guy climaxes it'll shrink to about that shape.

plus its uncut

Dio_Brando said:
Ten seconds flat.

I saw this pic and planned to make this comment, only to scroll down and realize someone beat me to it.

AKmalamute said:
looks at tags: wouldn't this be a case of 'cum_with_horn' ... it seems she's levitating his member.

I suspect the tag refers to the semen on Twilight's horn. 'Cum' being a noun as well as a verb, confusion is inevitable.

Dream_Weaver said:
That dick looks retarded

They prefer the term "special" dick.