News - Dec 16, 2014 (2 months ago)

Pony Season 5 Slated for a "Spring" release

Hasbro has confirmed via a series of short teaser videos that season 5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is due to begin sometime in "Spring 2015." This means that any time between March and June.

So far the rumours are scarce, but from what we've learned episodes will include:

- At least one concerning the aftermath of Season 4's finale

- "Princess Luna has a nightmare"

- An episode centred around the Pie Family

- A special 100th Episode that will be a "22 Short Films about Sprinfield"-style focus on background and fan-favourite characters.

In the meantime, check out these official teasers for season 5:

Twilight Sparkle



Pinkie Pie

Rainbow Dash

20% Cooler 2011 alicorn black_and_white clothing equine female generation_4 glowing hair headband horn kevinsano long_hair magic monochrome pony princess_luna skirt solo sports sweater tennis tennis_ball tennis_racket tennis_racquet wings

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wow, he actually drew a pony this time? :O

Dedari said:

Luna sends a fast over head to the deep court. Luna returns with a shallow back hoof just over the net.

3 years ago

Dream_Weaver said:
wow, he actually drew a pony this time? :O

No, someone tagged it with the wrong artist.