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20% Cooler brown_body brown_eyes brown_hair carrie_riff clover_the_bunny cocoa_bean cutie_mark duo equine generation_4 gray_body male original_character plain_background pony rabbit text

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So I figured it was about time I got a real character reference up here, so I asked my sweetheart to draw me. And here I am. :)

Wow, you're adorable. Who's your little bunny buddy?

Velvet Star said:
Wow, you're adorable. Who's your little bunny buddy?

U-um... *blush* Thanks? ^^;
And I call her Clover. I don't know her real name, 'cause I can't speak rabbit. She kind of... adopted me a while back. It's a long story.

In Soviet Equestria, your pet owns you...

I remember seeing this OC once. Their color design is a little simplistic, but I suppose they look pretty nice.