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20% Cooler alpha_channel blue_hair braid catwhitney cutie_mark equine eyewear female goggles gray_body horn looking_at_viewer multi-colored_hair my_little_pony original_character pony red_hair solo terrafirma text two_color_hair unicorn yellow_eyes

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spent so much time on the details for the goggles... can't see them in final version. =_=;

Ooh, steamy romance novels. Those are so very hit or miss. They're either the best things ever or the worst things ever. And sometimes the second kind are the first kind, after all, because they make you giggle at every page.

Man I want to make one of these... but the only copy of my OC is Ponycreator and that's sorta banned on this site >_<

To SleepySkies, who's comment I downvoted. I didn't mean it, I pressed the mouse button at the wrong time. Sorry bout that...