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20% Cooler alicorn applejack bat_wings black_hair blonde_hair blue_body blue_eyes cowboy_hat cutie_mark equine evil female fluttershy freckles generation_4 green_eyes group hat horn ivy_(plant) mane_six multi-colored_hair orange_body pink_body pink_hair pinkie_pie pony purple_body purple_eyes purple_hair rainbow_dash rainbow_hair rarity red_eyes schnuffitrunks spurs striped_hair three_color_hair tiara transparent_background twilight_sparkle white_body wings yellow_body

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What exactly am i lookin' at here? I like it, but idunno what it is

5 years ago

Spartan-218 said:
What exactly am i lookin' at here? I like it, but idunno what it is

Not sure, but Rainbow Dash's hooves appear to be on fire. She might want to keep an eye on that...

5 years ago
apple applejack bat_wings blonde_hair earth_pony equine fang female filly foal generation_4 green_eyes high_res messy_hair norang94 orange_body pony sitting solo transparent_background vampire wings young rating:Safe score:1 user:Werewolf

Spartan-218 said:
What exactly am i lookin' at here? I like it, but idunno what it is

Schnuffitrunks said:
What if...
they are all going to be evil princesses?
Rarity Princess of greed
Pinkie Pie Princess of maniac and chaos
Fluttershy Princess of cruelty
Rainbow Dash Princess of hate and destruction
Applejack Princess of lies
Twilight Sparkle Queen of Darkness

I'd love to see how Evil!Twilight is going to keep this lot in line for her evil schemes.

"Okay, today we're going to conquer Canterlot. Rarity, you get the gem mines beneath the city like we agreed -- just remember to bring your gem golems through in time!"

"Don't worry, darling, but I *WILL* not leave those mines until the fight's over. I am not risking my lovely coat in battle; I prefer to leave that to brutes like Rainbow Trash and Crapplejack."

"Gosh, that's the funniest nasty name ya ever did call me, Rarity. And it doesn't make me wanna break your neck even the least little bit!" *said with a snort and hoof scraping against the ground*

"Ah, keep your crummy stones, Miss Prissy! So long as I get to totally destroy the Royal Guard and look totally awesome in the process I'll be happy!"

"Hehehe, don't forget to leave some ponies for me, Dashie. I haven't made cupcakes for a month!"

"Ooh, can I lick the bowl? The ones you made with Angel's help tasted almost as good as the colts and fillies we got from Cheerilee's garden..."