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20% Cooler bonbon_(mlp) carousel_boutique cat devinian duo earth_pony equine female generation_4 horn ice_skates lyra_heartstrings_(mlp) magic opalescence pinkie_pie police_box pony ponyville rarity sleigh sweetie_belle tardis unicorn winter

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This is just wow. Makes me hate snow just a little less. I love the Pinkie silhouette in the sky lol

This, this is bloody brilliant!! But alas, what is this in the snow? A mischievous litter, fluttering to and fro? For it seems there is a paper, purple and pink, in the ice near what seems to be a skating rink. What is this, I am asking, for it has caught onto my eye, and won't let go, even with the tear from the beautiful scenery, of Ponyville, lively even in the freezing twilight night.

Do I spy a Tardis in the background?