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Thank you for coming.

It's been a long time coming now, but it's time for Twenty Percent Cooler to close down. We've had a good run and had a great time in our heyday, but the sun has set on our little website and now it's time to go. You have about a week to record, save, and archive what you would like before everything goes dark, so please make the best of this time.

Thank you for all the memories and contributions to our community in these last 8 years. We had a great time.

~ Sincerely, Princess Luna
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20% Cooler antennae antler armor black_body black_hair blue_hair cloak crown deer discord draconequus eclipse fangs female generation_4 glow goatee gray_body green_eyes green_hair horn king_sombra looking_at_viewer male mist nightmare_moon queen_chrysalis red_eyes royalty sky smile smirk space stars whitestar1802


Nightmare Moon: Pretty standard doe with armor here. I gave her antlers because I thought it made her look more royal and god-like. A few female deer actually have antlers (but mostly it's a genetic fluke. Only Caribou females have antlers as the norm), so I'll just roll with it. Deer don't have manes either, but NMM just wouldn't be NMM without the cloud of stars she trails.

Chrissie: It was difficult combining cervine and insect, but after I gave her multi-branched antlers, I thought of the Shishigami from Princess Mononoke, and went with making her more like the Asian Giant Hornet (my thought process is all over the place). Antlers don't usually grow like this, but when they do it looks pretty awesome. The massive antlers work to give her a sort of crown from which her hair falls like a veil.

Sombra: Not much to say here. Instead of regular antlers, I have him single branch, curved antlers like a Gazelle (which, like antlers on does, is possible in many species). One is broken, however, to give a sense of the many battles he's been in.

Discord: The most fun to work on. Since Discord already has several deer-like properties, I decided to make him resemble a deer's predator instead. He walks on all fours, with a body more bulky like a lion, but silent and graceful like a wolf. It also explains the creepy predator look he's got going on. After I had that figured out, I just went wild stylizing everything and replaced his deer antler with that of a moose because reasons.

Fun fact: I was going to nix the fangs on everyone originally, but then I found out some deer actually have them. Specifically the Chinese Water Deer and the Muntjac (one of which I shall own someday).

[from the artist's dA]

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Chrysalis looks like a tree...

5 years ago
apple applejack bat_wings blonde_hair earth_pony equine fang female filly foal generation_4 green_eyes high_res messy_hair norang94 orange_body pony sitting solo transparent_background vampire wings young rating:Safe score:1 user:Werewolf

Spit-Fire said:
Chrysalis looks like a tree...

I don't think she looks anything like this: