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20% Cooler absurd_res amber_eyes apple_bloom apple_bumpkin apple_strudel applejack big_mcintosh black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair boat braeburn brown_body caramel_(mlp) castle cheshiretwilight cowboy_hat cutie_mark earth_pony equine female filly flag foal freckles generation_4 green_body green_eyes green_hair hat ice male multi-colored_hair oar orange_body orange_hair parody pony red_body red_hair river scared siblings sisters sitting smile two_color_hair vest washington_crossing_the_delaware water white_hair yellow_body yoke young


For centuries, the ponies of Equestria have disputed and fought. After an argument over whether eggs are best done sunny-side-up or over-easy turned hostile, the first pony war between the Unicorns, the Pegasi and the Earth Ponies began. Although talks on all sides were made, their leaders: Princess Platinum, Commander Hurricane and Chancellor Puddinghead left to find new lands. During this time, the Apples seized the initiative against their unicorn neighbours, the Oranges, and crossed the Delamare during the night (or at least what could be considered night during an eternal winter). Unfortunately, half way through the crossing, Castle Orange discovered them and began a cannon assault! Will the apples make it?

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