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Thank you for coming.

It's been a long time coming now, but it's time for Twenty Percent Cooler to close down. We've had a good run and had a great time in our heyday, but the sun has set on our little website and now it's time to go. You have about a week to record, save, and archive what you would like before everything goes dark, so please make the best of this time.

Thank you for all the memories and contributions to our community in these last 8 years. We had a great time.

~ Sincerely, Princess Luna
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It's my take on the Apple family! When people come to see 'em they really are a scree-um.

Applejack (pictured here somewhere in her early thirties) has taken on the official mantle of farm matriarch. To cut Granny some well-deserved slack, AJ is now not only the legal owner of Sweet Apple Acres, but also of Apple Bloom. As you can see, AJ (who is certainly no lightweight) is hardly the biggest mare the family gene pool has to offer. That's all well and good, since she can use all the tree-kicking help she can get (if she can maintain control of the situation).

Apple Bloom is a senior at AJ and Mac's alma mater, Thatchroof Prep. She is an honor student who excels in particular at potions and scowling. Exactly everyone annoys her, and the only chars who manage to stay more or less off of her shit-list are Granny (because she's Granny), Babs (because she doesn't live in town) and Albacore (Bloom's corgi mix, because he's adorable).

Granny! You are still the baddest mother in the room, even though you are as old as the rocks and mountains. Granny Smith doesn't get around much anymore, but that's OK...she's earned a rest. So has Winona, who is likewise enjoying her retirement. Now, both of you, please go sit down; you're making me nervous.

Big Macintosh distributes his time between kicking trees, tending to the farm and raising his rambunctious twin sons, Mickle Muckle ("Lil' Mike", yellow pelt) and Mile Mark ("Lil' Mark", green pelt). The colts aspire to be just as brave as Aunt AJ, as smart as Aunt Bloom, as cool as Great-Granny and as big and strong (and popular!) as Pa.

Cousin Babs (who, for my purposes, is a few years older than Bloom) ran the gamut from bully to bully hunter to proud member of the Manehatten police squad. Now she defends the defenseless whilst punching mooks and jerk-asses for a living, in accordance with her passion. She visits Ponyville a few times a year to help with tree-kicking, and to spend time with her fiancee. Incidentally, unlike the other Crusaders, Babs did ultimately get her cutie mark. I'll show it to you later (in a private room).

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