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Before they start. Twilight ask Hoonduuch "Do you want some kind of windsurfing with me."
Hoonduch: "Yes Twilight, i want. Its sound like a lot of fun"
Twilight: "It will be a lot fun. Come on mount my back"
Hoonduch mounts her and standing now on her back.
Hoonduch: "Twily please not do quick, because i wouldn´t fall it down."
Twilight: "Should you fall, I catch you certainly."
So they to start now.
Hoonduuch: "I wounder you have no problem with my weight."
Twilight: "I love you, so your weight is no matter for me"
Twilight flying with him trough the wind.
Hoonduuch: "I can feel the air blow in my hair yeah"
Twily: "Yeah i said, we have lot of fun here"