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20% Cooler <3 alicorn angry armor aurora_borealis blonde_hair blue_body blue_eyes blue_hair cape clothing cutie_mark equine fangs female fight flying frown generation_4 hammer harwick high_res horn magic male multi-colored_hair night outside pink_body pink_hair pony princess_cadance purple_eyes purple_hair rearing red_eyes shining_armor sky snow spear stars sword three_color_hair tusks two_color_hair unicorn war_hammer weapon white_body wings yeti

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The most dangerous one here would be Flurry unleashed...

The dog in the background looks disgusted xD

Velvet_Star said:
The most dangerous one here would be Flurry unleashed...

The powerful wild surges of baby unicorn (and alicorn) magic makes me think that all unicorns and alicorns are potentially uber-powerful. But that kind of power flow can only happen with a very dangerous lack of self-consciousness and self-control. Not evil, just dangerous.
But it'd mean that when unicorns go evil, they get powerful. Not because evil grants them power, but because they've ripped the restraints off and are running at max RPMs.
That might be part of how the Elements of Harmony happen too. Selflessly acting to help your friends, and acting in unison with your friends, would also give you a Good-aligned lack of restraint. You don't hold back because you're sure that you're doing the right thing.