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Character: cheerilee

Cheerilee is a magenta earth pony with a darker magenta mane and tail, and a cutie mark of three flowers with smiling faces. She is the schoolteacher of Ponyville, and is first seen in episode 12 of Season 1: Call of the Cutie. She has also appeared in episode 1 of Season 2: The Return of Harmony (part 1).

In Call of the Cutie, Cheerilee is seen teaching a class of young ponies, including Applebloom, Twist, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon about cutie marks. We also see a picture of her from the Equestrian equivalent of the 1980s, with her mane, tail and clothing in typical '80s fashion.

Cheerilee seems to genuinely care for her students and want to teach them well, although interestingly, she makes no effort to stop the other foals from teasing Applebloom. She has an extremely cheerful and upbeat personality, befitting her name.

In The Return of Harmony (part 1), Cheerilee is seen leading her class through "the world-famous Canterlot Sculpture Gardens." Her class now includes Applebloom, Twist, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Scootaloo, Sweetie Bell, Snips and Snails.

In fan pictures, comics and stories, Cheerilee is often considered to be the sister of Berry Punch, based primarily on their similar coloration and mane-styles.

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