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General: cutie mark

A mark on a character's flank that somehow indicates what their special something that makes them unique. According to Cheerilee the schoolteacher pony, a cutie mark represents a special talent that the pony is both good at and enjoys doing. A character with a hammer for a cutie mark light be good at building or constructing things, or repairing objects.

A foal who has yet to find their special something may be called a blank flank, though the term is rather derogatory.... However, when they DO find that special something, and gain their cutie mark, it's traditional to have a party called a Cute-ceañera.

When to use this tag:

  • when a character who normally does not have a cutie mark is drawn with one
  • when a cutie mark is gained in an image
  • when cutie marks are being discussed
  • when a cutie mark is specifically the subject of the image

Do not use this tag on every image that has a cutie mark in it; instead, tag the specific type of cutie mark when possible (such as rainbow cutie mark) and only use this tag when a cutie mark is particularly significant to the image.

See also:

The following tags are aliased to this tag: cupcake_cutie_mark, compass_rose_cutie_mark, crown_cutie_mark, spoon_cutie_mark, cross_cutie_mark, horseshoe_cutie_mark, yin_yang_cutie_mark, butterfly_cutie_mark, cutie-mark, hat_cutie_mark (72 more)

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