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Character: derpy hooves

Derpy Hooves is a fan name of a gray pegasus background pony, with blonde hair and yellow eyes who became famous thanks to having a googly-eyed expression in the first episode. Her cutie mark is shown as a collection of bubbles.

In Winter Wrap Up, there is a mention of an airheaded pegasus called Ditzy Doo whose appearance is never established on-screen. It has been theorized that Ditzy Doo and Derpy Hooves may be one and the same, however, it is also likely that they may be given separate characters so as better to not upset the fans of Derpy. It is also confirmed that Derpy Hooves will be given a scripted role in the season 2.

Fan Characterization

Fan characterizations of Derpy vary wildly, however, the predominant characterization is dim-witted and random, almost to the point of mental retardation, sometimes with hidden genius in her actions. Other characterizations have her as a regular pony, with unfortunate eye problem, while others have her as deeply insightful and clever.

She works as a Mail-Carrier, as suggested by the animators in the episode "Feeling Pinky Keen", where she is shown attending a shipment of large objects that unfortunately got dropped on Twilight Sparkle.

Her favorite -anything- is muffins.

In the episode "Call of the Cutie", there is a young, purple, unicorn who loosely resembles Derpy, becoming known to the fans as Derpy's daughter, Dinky Doo. Derpy is always shown as a very loving and dependable mother to Dinky, despite her 'shortcomings', doing her best to provide for the young filly. However, fans have not been able mutually decide on who Dinky's father is, and thus speculate that Derpy may be single mother, which often times makes things hard on the two of them. Other fans pair her with Doctor Whooves.

Another popular fanon is that Derpy lives with the earth pony Carrot Top, and the two of them make for hilarious sticom-like antics. Derpy is always eating everything out Carrot's refrigerator, leaving nothing for the poor girl.

Friends and family


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