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Character: diamond tiara

Diamond Tiara is the best villian of the series by a long shot. She is a reocurring character who has made numerous appearances playing the foil to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. The genius of the character is that she never actually does anything bad beyond saying unkind things to her classmates, and yet she manages to offend autistic bronies with self-esteem issues to their very core. Nothing wounds people who know that they are shit more than someone else telling them as much.

Apart from that particularly enjoyable quality, Diamond Tiara embodies the antithesis of Lauren Faust's message that there are many different ways to be a girl. In just about any other program aimed at little girls, a character with Diamond Tiara's appearance and background would be the heroine. By making the ridiculously adorable little girl in a princess tiara into a loathsome heel, Mom makes a clear statement about what she thinks of the fictional role-models that girls are often presented with. The fact that Diamond Tiara frequently mocks the three lead characters for being "other" reinforces her role as the evil voice of conformity.

Because of this value, Diamond Tiara has also been far and away the series' most frequent villian. She has made at least a token appearance in most of the episodes featuring the three Crusaders. Typically, she and her friend Silver Spoon will laugh at a Crusader over some humiliating aspect of their lives, which then motivates said Crusader to do something stupid and self-destructive as in Flight to the Finish, Call of the Cutie, and Family Appreciation Day.

Apart from her part as editor of the school paper in Ponyville Confidential, Diamond Tiara never actually does anything destructive. She never physically intimidates anyone, and she never resorts to violence. All she ever does is jeer and laugh, which makes her fall short of being an actual "bully" despite what wannabe victims and their pussy parents will say. In fact, physically speaking, the Crusaders themselves on any given day are significantly more destructive than Diamond Tiara has ever been, although she is undeniably a little shit.

For some unexplained reason, Diamond Tiara seems to intensely dislike Apple Bloom in particular. For that reason, she often goes out of her way to irritate the poor farm filly. On several occasions Diamond Tiara has needled Apple Bloom with no motive beyond making her miserable for the plain joy of seeing her such. Apple Bloom is none too fond of Diamond Tiara either, but Apple Bloom will put aside her animosity to get something she wants as in Twilight Time and Ponyville Confidential.

Diamond Tiara is the daughter of Filthy Rich, the unfortunately named majority share-holder of a big box retail chain called "Barnyard Bargains." She lives in a posh estate with a high iron fence and a swimming pool worthy of a Bond villian. She has an elderly butler named Randolf who will perform surprisingly athletic feats for her classmates' amusement.

Diamond Tiara's best friend in the whole world is another obscenely adorable little rich filly named Silver Spoon. Silver Spoon is usually by Diamomd Tiara's side and similarly enjoys giving the Cutie Mark Crusaders a hard time. Fans mostly assume that the pre-pubescent pair is incredibly gay for one another. But come on. They are just little kids!

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have an elaborate ritualistic high-five called "Bump-bump-sugar lump-rump" that... holy hell, that's why everyone thinks they're gay together. It starts off like something Fred and Barney would do to greet a fellow member of the Waterbuffalo Lodge, but then it ends with--I shit you not--the two girls smacking their naked butts together and giggling. The colorful human versions of them in the Equestria Girls movie do a variation on this ritual as a dance in which they repeatedly thrust their miniskirt-clad loli asses at one another. It looks as suggestive as it sounds.

Despite being the series' most accomplished villian, she has never been subjected to a redemption episode. The show has had a bad habit of wasting good reoccurring villians like Discord and Trixie by turning them into good guys. Thankfully, Diamond Tiara has been spared this indignity and continues to do that voodoo that she do so well.

Oh, goddamnit.

It turns out that Diamond Tiara was just trying to live up to the impossibly high standards that her stereotypical rich-bitch mother sets for her. After telling Mom off in public using her own unique talent of putting plebs in their place (no really, that is actually her talent), Diamond Tiara declared her friendly and platonic affection for the three blank flanks. The Crusaders finally get their magical tramp stamps as a result, and they celebrate by smooshing their newly-painted butt cheeks against each other, totally stealing Diamond Tiara's and Silver Spoon's signature move. So, in a way Diamond Tiara is still being a bad influence. Let me have that at least.

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