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Species: draconequus

Sometimes spelled "draconequis," a draconequus is a legendary creature in Equestria. It has the head of a pony and its other body parts are a mish-mash of other animals. Discord, the only draconequus seen in the show, has a gray, goat-like pony head with one prominent fang, a deer-like antler, what resembles a distorted unicorn horn next to it, a goatee and yellow eyes with red pupils. His body is brown and serpentine, with the red tail of a snake, one green reptilian hind leg, one brown horse-like hind leg, a foreleg that resembles a lion's paw, and another foreleg resembling the claw of an eagle or griffin.

It is unclear whether Discord is unique, or whether there are other draconequuses in Equestria. Cheerilee, when describing a draconequus to her students in episode 1 of Season 2: The Return of Harmony part 1, refers to the petrified Discord as "a draconequus," implying that this is the name of his species. However, Princess Celestia later refers to Discord as "the spirit of disharmony," hinting that he may be a unique entity.

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