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Character: flurry heart

Trailers for Season Six have revealed the bouncing bundle of joy that is daughter of Princess Cadence and (presumably) Shining Armor. The infant has a pinkish-white coat and curly pinkish-purple hair with an ice-blue stripe through it. It also has eyes with pupils, which is a curious departure from the baby pony designs that the Cake Twins notably sport. Flurry Heart's most notable features, however, are her adult-sized horn and wings. For Cadence's sake, hopefully the birth involved magically teleporting the fetus out of the womb.

That's right, the suits decided that the show needed another alicorn princess. M.A. Larson and Meghan McCarthy were only too happy to oblige. The pair gleefully exchanged tweets anticipating a shitstorm that the new character would create. It did not quite pan out that way. After the tragedy of the Twilicorn, Flurry Heart was nothing more than farce. The old fans reacted silently with a PTSD-induced thousand-yard stare. If you listened, you could hear The Doors playing in the background.

Then they made porn of her. That's how you know that they'll be alright.

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