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Character: fluttershy

Fluttershy is a pegasus pony with a light yellow coat and a pink mane and tail. Her cutie mark is three butterflies. She is a cute little bundle of social anxiety who mostly attracts fans of the lonely virgin variety.

Fluttershy is cripplingly nervous around others and jumpy in general. She is afraid of more or less everything which, in a world full of magical monsters and super villains, may not be so entirely irrational. One fear, a fear of dragons, stands out, and she will stomp her friend's guts into the floor to keep away from them (see: Dragon Quest). Again, that seems rational the more you think about it. Giant murderous fire-breathing lizards? You may want to avoid those.

Although she is a pegasus, she prefers to stay close to the ground, living in a cottage near the forest instead of the sky city of Cloudsdale with the other pegasi. Curiously, the forest in question is the Everfree Forest which everyone in town is terrified of. That Fluttershy would live there is bizarre and only explainable by the notion that she has to be there to be close enough to the semi-wild animals that she loves.

Fluttershy's Cottage is covered and surrounded by nests, dens, holes, warrens, coops, and other animal dwellings. Even the interior is riddled with rodent holes and bird houses. If it did not exist in Magical Cartoon Horse Land the cottage would be a Superfund site. Her fussy friend Rarity has been shown to visit, so it can not possibly reek nearly as badly as one would naturally assume that it does.

Chief among Fluttershy's wild menagerie of pets is an adorable mute little rabbit named Angel who keeps Fluttershy in line and knows when to smack a ho. For her sake, he keeps his pimp paw strong. He also seems to take charge when with the other ponies' pets (see: Just for Sidekicks).

Fluttershy needs someone to ground her, because she has explosive anger issues. While she usually winces, grovels, and cowers in front of ponies, on the rare occasion that she gets really upset she becomes cruel and violent (see: Putting Your Hoof Down). It is always the quiet ones.

She possesses a special ability known as "The Stare," which allows her to intimidate even the fiercest animals. In Suited for Success, Fluttershy was shown to have good knowledge of sewing, but her idea of couture involves piling layer upon layer of fabric over herself and wearing an actual bird's nest on her head. According to the Cutie Mark Chronicles, she was caught by a group of colorful, physics-defying butterflies after her childhood friend Rainbow Dash carelessly knocked her off of a cloud.

Rainbow Dash has a unique relationship with Fluttershy. She often treats Fluttershy like a sidekick and literally carries her along on adventures (see: The Secret of My Excess, Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, The Crystal Empire, and so on *sniff*). Rainbow also seems to be possessed of the idea that Fluttershy is capable of all manner of heroic feats. As such, she will volunteer the very unwilling Fluttershy for dangerous missions, much to poor Fluttershy's horror (see: Hurricane Fluttershy, Magic Duel).

Rarity is Fluttershy's other best friend, although it is unclear how long they have known one another. They regularly accompany one another to the spa and have cutsie little horsey tea parties. Although Rarity is usually less forceful than Rainbow Dash, she does occasionally make Fluttershy uncomfortable by pointedly asking her opinion or asking her to model outfits.

In recent years, the socially awkward Fluttershy has aquired more friends, first among whom is Discord. After playing the key role in Discord's hand-wavey reformation (another good villain ruined), the Chaos god fixated on her as his *ahem* friend. Yeah, they're "friends." There is nothing else going on there. No, sir. There is certainly nothing going on that would make him possessively jealous of Fluttershy when she makes another *AHEM* friend named Tree Hugger (...because Fluttershy wants to be a tree... Yes, we get it, M.A. Larson. Thanks.).

Fluttershy embodies the Element of Kindness.

She is voiced by Andrea Libman

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