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General: fluttershy's cottage

Fluttershy lives in her own cottage on the edge of the Everfree Forest despite having no job and no discernable source of income. The cottage is full of cages, holes, beds, and other sleeping places for small animals. One can only imagine the dander, feces, and general filth that Fluttershy lives with. She feeds many of her critters from a great pile of feed that she pours in the middle of the living room floor, so she probably has an ant problem as well.

Despite the unsanitary conditions, Fluttershy's cottage has an earthy, rustic appearance with round shuttered windows, a great stone oven, and hardwood floors decorated with throw rugs. Flowering plants cover the roof, and at least one tree grows through the ceiling. It can be said to be reminiscent of a hobbit's home.

Outside the cottage, Fluttershy maintains a chicken coop, which played a prominent role in the episode Stare Master. A stream flows beneath the path leading to the front door. Numerous bird houses hang from trees around the cottage. Warrens and dens containing everything from badgers to snakes dot the hill behind the cottage.

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