News - Oct 09, 2016 (8 months ago)

New Rule Effective Oct. 17

Please visit the forums for more details, or click here to read forum #11357



If your account is less than a week old, you cannot post comments.

These rules also Apply to the IRC, ignorance is no excuse

Follow some basic rules:

  • Don't be explicit
  • Don't be creepy
  • Don't be overly suggestive.
  • Don't spam
  • Don't cause drama
  • Don't be Racist
  • Don't be an obnoxious parasprite/jerk!
  • Don't troll/insult users
  • Don't be a back seat moderator--if there's a problem, report it to one of the mods!
  • Don't post links to illegal/malicious material
  • Don't post links to pay for services, yes, even in the comments
  • Don't whine about pictures that you can avoid by using your blacklist.

And type correctly, please?

You can use DText functions in the comments.
You can also post image thumbnails in your comment by typing "thumb #post id".