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Character: lightning dust

Lightning Dust is a pegasus pony, seen in Season 3, Episode 7: "Wonderbolts Academy." She has a pale green body, two-toned orange hair and orange eyes; her cutie mark is a lightning bolt with two stars.

Lightning is one of the cadets at the Wonderbolts Academy, there because she hopes to join the Wonderbolts, Equestria's premiere flight team. Lightning befriends Rainbow Dash and quickly proves herself to be every bit as talented as Dash, and even more competitive. She and Dash are paired up by Spitfire, with Lightning as the lead pony and Dash as the wing pony (much to Dash's chagrin). However, Lightning's disregard for the other cadets, and her determination to excel at all cost, results in some minor injuries to Dash and bad feelings all around.

Ultimately, Lightning generates a tornado to clear away some clouds, which destroys Twilight Sparkle's balloon and imperils her and the rest of Dash's friends. When Lightning cavalierly dismisses this, Dash rejects her friendship and reports her actions to Spitfire. As a result, Lightning is demoted from lead pony, and it is unclear whether she remains a Wonderbolt cadet or not.

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