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Character: rarity

Rarity is a unicorn pony with a white coat and a purple mane and tail. Her Cutie mark is three diamond-shaped gemstones. She is very proper, elegant, well-mannered and well-spoken. She speaks with a theatrical Mid-Atlantic accent, which is strange because it is an accent not shared by her immediate family. Her sister, Sweetie Belle, speaks with a West Coast accent, and their parents speak as if they were second-generation Germans from Wisconsin, don'cha know.

Rarity works as fashion designer and seamstress in Ponyville, and even owns her own store--the Carousel Boutique. We can assume that her parents bought her the shop, as she was shown there as a child putting together costumes for a primary school class play in Cutie Mark Chronicles. Her store also acts as her home, which she occasionally shares with Sweetie Belle.

She takes great pride in her work and will do whatever it takes to make sure a dress is perfect for the customer, seemingly pathologically driven to please. She often offers her own work at no cost to her friends, as she did in Suited for Success and For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls. Because of this she is often seen scrambling to keep up with her work load. Being the Element of Generosity sucks.

Rarity's magic is very fine-tuned and she shows expert precision with telekinesis, as she is able to handle multiple items at once, control a thread and needle to sew with considerable skill. It is not difficult to imagine that skill making her into a living cuisinart if she were to find herself in the vicinity of multiple sharp objects. The TV-Y rating has thusfar kept her from taking this ability to its obvious conclusion.

Thankfully, Rarity possesses a much less gruesome talent for self-defense: whining. By crying, complaining, criticising, and generally being obnoxious Rarity is able to non-violently cowe her foes and manipulate her friends. She deployed this talent most famously in A Dog and Pony Show wherein she irritated her kidnappers into sending her home with all of their gems. Hysterics and guilt-tripping were similarly effective in Rarity Takes Manehattan.

Also, Rarity knows kung fu. Whoa.

Rarity's magical repertoir also includes a talent for finding gemstones, as well as putting on light shows and casting illusions as shown in the episode "Suited for Success", during her fashion show for Hoity Toity. Although she is not as powerful a magician as Twilight Sparkle is, Rarity's supernatural prowess does seem to be unusual for most unicorns who rarely do anything more than simple levitation. In the IDW comics, Rarity deploys a room-clearing lazar on a couple of occasions.

Rarity is the only member of the six with any ambition unless you count Rainbow Dash's half-assed efforts to get into the Wonderbolts. She wants to build her career into that of a titan of the fashion industry. To that end, she participates in shows and competitions around the empire and shmoozes hot shots like Fancy Pants, Photo Finish, and Hoity Toity. Doing so has seen Rarity travel ever more in elite circles. Her resume now includes designing gowns for royalty, winning an annual Manehattan fashion competition, designing the costumes for a popular stage musical, providing outfits for Saphire Shores and her backup dancers, and having a featured line in Hoity Toity's Canterlot boutique. But did she invent the piano key necktie? No.

In many ways, of the Six Rarity is the most like an adult, despite her childish tantrums. She concerns herself with real world problems like money, her career, meeting deadlines, looking after a destructive child (Sweetie Belle), and maintaining a reputation. Until Twilight kissed Brad Flash Sentry, Rarity was also the only one of the Elements to display anything like a libido.

Rarity has shown romantic interest in a number of stallions throughout the series run. The most notable of these was Prince Blueblood, the colt she believed to be the "stallion of her dreams", whom she intended to marry without having ever met. After the Grand Galloping Gala, where she finally met the Prince, she found him to be completely distasteful, discourteous, and un-chivalrous. Another of her crushes was Trenderhoof, to whom she built a creepy psycho-stalker shrine in her boutique. He did not reciprocate her interest.

Rarity has also used her sexuality to achieve mundane goals. By flattering Poindexter, she was able to convince him to sell Fluttershy some asparagus. When Twilight's magical horse-mice ran away in The Best Night Ever, Rarity charmed some of her neighbors into pulling their carriage. The most frequent target of her wiles is of course, the prepubescent dragon Spike.

The morality of using Spike the way that Rarity does is highly suspect to say the least. Knowing that Spike has a childish crush on her, Rarity is able to convince Spike to do bitch work for her with just a sing-song voice, a cutesie nickname, and a bat of her eyelashes. If we assume the best of Rarity, we can think that she is trying to go easy on Spike by letting him be around her until he grows out of the crush. It is just as easy to assume the worst.

Lately, such as in Simple Ways and Inspiration Manifestation, Spike's intrest in Rarity has trended more towards the platonic, which does nothing to make his continued slavering devotion to her any less pathetic. Hilariously, Inspiration Manifestation seems to have had the word "friend" liberally applied to the script to play down Spike's romantic inclinations. It is possible that this was done in response to a cringy convention panel in which the show's writers, faces firmly in palms, had to plainly explain to Sparity shippers that, no, Rarity the adult would never become romantically involved with Spike the prepubescent child. Well, at least we know that Rarity is not a pedophile, which, now that I think about it, makes my inner child who once dreamed of hot older women sad.

Rarity has a pet cat named Opalescence. Rarity frequently has one-sided conversations with her mute pet, imagining responses that the cat quite clearly does not intend. In Sweet and Elite Opal acted as a silent conscience for Rarity and was doused in the shower for her troubles.

In her free time, Rarity's hobbies include singing the alto part in an SATB quartet that calls itself "The Ponytones," which makes it sound like a lot of breying and whinnying. Despite only having one song, the group has a strong local following. Rarity has weekly spa dates with Fluttershy in which they chat while undergoing various treatments. She has also been known to curl up with a novel while wearing silk pajamas in the evening. Rarity occasionally spends time with Sweetie Belle, although what they do together is often a subject of disagreement between the sisters.

A curious bit of trivia is that Lauren Faust had not originally intended to include Rarity in the cast. She had not wanted a stereotypical girly-girl as a significant character in her animated tribute to girl power. The studio mandated the inclusion of a pretty character who was into makeup and fashion and dreamed of marrying a handsome prince. Studies show that little girls buy that shit.

Lauren took the order from above in stride and based the Rarity character around Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. If she had to be into fashion, than she would be a professional fashion designer, a career woman. If she had to fall for a prince, than her prince would be a cad whom she would kick to the curb. If she had to be pretty than she would also be wiley and clever. Leave it to Mom to make a vapid popular girl into the most powerful personality in the show.

Rarity is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain; Her singing voice is the talent of Kazumi Evans. Evans has a powerful mezzosoprano voice that tends to make Rarity's songs stand out.

Rarity embodies the element of Generosity.

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