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Character: silver spoon

Silver Spoon is a pre-pubescent Earth pony filly who is almost always seen at the side of her best friend and alpha loli Diamond Tiara. She has a ridiculously adorable design featuring a silver mane done up in braids, a typical filly body with a grey coat, huge glasses, and a pearl necklace... you know what kind I mean, you sicko.

Silver Spoon, like her friend Diamond Tiara, enjoys shit-talking the Cutie Mark Crusaders. That is the extent of her known hobbies. Seriously, General Crozier knows more about Dr. Rockso than we know about Silver Spoon. Her name is Silver Spoon. She's Diamond Tiara's side-kick. She does cocaine teases blank-flanks, and I'm afraid that's all we know.

We assume that she has a rich family, both because her name implies it and because Diamond Tiara would never hang out with some wretched plebian. The fact that a little kid has a pearl necklace (stop it) is another indicator of wealth, but seeing as how jewels are about as common as quartz in Equestria that may not mean much. She does have a rich-bitch faux-Valley accent which is another sort of wealthy quality. Kind of. But who knows? Maybe she lives in the refridgerator box across from Scootaloo's dumpster.

Silver Spoon's personality differs from that of Diamond Tiara in that, where Diamond Tiara is clearly a leader of ponies, Silver Spoon is content to be a follower. Her beta-ness is on display in Call of the Cutie in which Diamond Tiara casually dismisses her when she tries to lighten the mood and in Pinkie Pride when she raises no objection to Diamond Tiara stealing her chocolatey dessert drink. Silver Spoon did break type once in Family Appreciation Day in which she led the applause for Granny Smith over Diamond Tiara's objections. The dirty traitor.

Mom once said that she thought that Silver Spoon would be nicer when she is not around Diamond Tiara. Cue a nauseating flood of redemption fanfics that all tell the same saccharine story in the same sappy way. Thankfully, the show creators never put anything like that in either the series or the comic books. In truth, we have never seen Silver Spoon away from Diamond Tiara at all.

Silver Spoon really likes Diamond Tiara. She acts like a sycophant towards her and can occaionally be caught looking at her with big doe eyes. Cue a nauseating dead sexy flood of lesbiloli porn that depicts Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in cuddly-wuddly, slightly dommy-subby love. The show has never done that either but probably just because you couldn't even get away with that shit on Netflix.

It's not like they don't hint all over the damn place at that being the case. "Bump-bump-sugar lump-rump," the butt-bumping bonding ritual that Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara frequently perform, would be too obviously sexual for the Ambiguously Gay Duo. The Equestria Girls movie was even more plain about the nature of their relationship.

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