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Character: spike

To be Spike is to know pain.

Spike was hatched from an egg of unknown origin as part of Twilight Sparkle's enterance examination into an elite academy. Since then, Spike has spent his entire pre-pubescent life as Twilight's dogsbody lackey toady bitch gofer domestic servant unpaid child laborer #1 assistent. It's all good. Who needs parents when you have a crazy wizard who is also a little girl?

Twilight and Fluttershy refer to Spike as a "baby" dragon, although show creators have placed his age at around eight or nine years. Despite this, we have never seen Spike play with toys or spend any time around characters his own age, not counting the time that he took the Cutie Mark Crusaders to Canterlot in Just for Sidekicks. He seems to be more comfortable around older characters. Case in point: when Spike joined the dragon migration in Dragon Quest to learn more about what it means to be a dragon, he spent his time hanging around much larger teenaged dragons.

Spike, quite understandably, has self-esteem issues. When Twilight takes in another familiar in Owl's Well that Ends Well he immediatly worries that he is being replaced and is quick to embrace his fear that Twilight no longer wants him around. Spike tapes cut-out pictures of himself into group photos of the Mane Six. He often tries too hard to impress adults, as he did in The Equestria Games and Just For Sidekicks, falling into despair when he fails as in Power Ponies.

Despite his failings, Spike is not entirely without talent. Spike is able to send message scrolls to the Princess by breathing magic fire onto them and blowing them into the breeze. He receives the reply by belching them up; which he has no control over. When Princess Celestia replies, he belches it up whether he wants to or not. Celestia hilariously forced him into a twitching, weeping ball on the floor by making him cough up dozens of scrolls in succession in The Return of Harmony. Sending scrolls, on the other hand, appears to be a deliberate ability, as he is also shown breathing 'normal' fire which simply burns up items. It also appears as if it is specifically linked between he and Princess Celestia, as he has never sent or received letters from anyone but her. As shown in "Griffon the Brush off", he hiccups his magic fire on a large stack of scrolls, all of which end up dropping on the Princess.

A significant talent that Spike possesses, and one that frequently comes in handy for him, is that he is especially tough. He can fall down stairs, belly-flop into molten lava, get stuck in the back with large pins, get tossed against walls, fall out of trees face-first, and generally endure great physical hardships without being injured.

As a dragon, he favors eating gemstones, his favorite in particular being turquoise, but in the truest sense of the word, he is omnivorous with an Iron Stomach. He also eats hay and grass, as well as muffins that nearly poisoned half of Ponyville.

Another quality afforded to Spike by being a dragon is that he grows larger as he feeds his greedy desire to build his hoard. This was seen in The Secret of My Excess which saw Spike grow to Godzilla-size while stealing everything he could get his claws on. Oddly, once he overcame his natural greed, he instantly snapped back to his original dimensions.

A recurring them for Spike is that he is infatuated with Rarity in a "Stacy's Mom" kind of way. He often does bitch work for her, to which she offers no objection. Spike also does the emotionally supportive thing that every friend zoned guy does, as in Inspiration Manifestation when he listened to her cry about a failed design and then avoided telling her that she was acting crazy when she started transmogrifying the town. Spike has both waking (A Dog and Pony Show) and nocturnal (It's About Time) fantasies about Rarity. The crush is one-way, as Rarity appears to be attracted to neither eight year-olds (Dude) nor members of a different species.

A curious quality of Spike's crush is that it is completely absent jealousy, unless you take into account his reaction to Hayseed Turniptruck and Tempe in the Rarity Micro. Spike endures Rarity dancing with Fancy Pants, swooning over Flim and Flam (Spike even catches her as she does so), and crying over a homemade shrine to Trenderhoof all without appearing the slightest bit perturbed.

Spike's affections for Rarity may not be exclusive. He briefly seemed to be taken with Twilight when she had her hair curled up in a style that resembles Rarity's mane. Try not to think too deeply about that one. Also, Spike had an amorous reaction to Tori Spelling in the lead-in sequences to A Canterlot Wedding. Also in A Canterlot Wedding, Spike danced at the reception with Sweetie Belle, one of the rare examples of him being social with another child.

Strangely, the fact that he is attracted to individuals not of his own species is never confronted. Well, it is not as if Twilight could say anything about that now anyway. Oh well, reptile puberty will probably change everything for him when it hits.

Spike is voiced by Cathy Weseluck.

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